Three weeks ago, Taylor and I signed up for a gym membership. My health’s been better recently and I’m feeling motivated to lose weight again (especially looking at myself in all those London pictures). In the past 11 days, I’ve had 7 cardio workouts. I started out barely being able to hang on for 25 […]

Spring Walk

Taylor and Rosie left today for California for spring break. We had lunch together today, then they headed off for the airport. They’ll be returning Friday night for Taylor’s reserve shift on Saturday (yet another quick trip) As I drove home, I opened up the window to let the warm breeze in. It was sunny […]

Cutting back

Another thing we’ve recently cut back on is our gym membership. Although our loyalty is with 24 Hour Fitness, which isn’t available in MI, we’ve been with Lifetime Fitness through our time in MI. Their closest location is practically a palace. It has a salon, dayspa, massage area, and all sorts of other amenities that […]