Cutting back

Another thing we’ve recently cut back on is our gym membership. Although our loyalty is with 24 Hour Fitness, which isn’t available in MI, we’ve been with Lifetime Fitness through our time in MI. Their closest location is practically a palace. It has a salon, dayspa, massage area, and all sorts of other amenities that I could never afford. We’ve been paying $106/mo, which has included the kid’s center for Rosie. Unfortunately, we haven’t used it enough to make it worth the money. On a good week I’ll make it 3-5 times, but usually it’s only 1-2. Since Taylor was going to Atlanta, we decided to end our membership at the end of October.

I typically work out every Saturday (unless I’m sick or out of town) and last Saturday I decided to do some non-gym exercise. I donned my thick sweats, thick socks, gloves, and beanie and trudged out into the 37 degree morning. I brought along my iPod and 5 lb hand weights. It was raining and windy, and my cheeks were burning quickly. After 25 minutes, I felt chilled to the bone and the rain was coming at me horizontally. I hopped into a hot shower afterwards, and still was shivering an hour later.

I need to find a friend with a treadmill or elliptical in their home so I don’t lose my motivation to exercise. I do a lot of walking in the hospital, but I rarely walk more than 10 minutes at a time. I’m hoping to have good, convenient access to a gym in Atlanta…I need to work off all this extra Michigan weight I’ve gained. This place is so depressing…

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