Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

spring daffodils by nicole bullock

april snow in michigan

Spring Break

Tomorrow evening I’m planning to take a little spring break trip with Rosie to Portland (Taylor and Rosie went to LA last week, lucky ducks!) Rosie’s cousin is having his wedding reception this weekend, I’ll meet up with some extended family and old jr. high friends, get some Burgerville USA sweet potato fries, and enjoy the green, green beauty of the Northwest.

This is my 498th post. I’m in draft mode on my 500th post, but it may take a while to put together. And I still need to do my bio on Mary. So if my blogging is sparse for a while, please forgive me. Enjoy your weekend!

Spring Walk

Taylor and Rosie left today for California for spring break. We had lunch together today, then they headed off for the airport. They’ll be returning Friday night for Taylor’s reserve shift on Saturday (yet another quick trip) As I drove home, I opened up the window to let the warm breeze in. It was sunny and 65…funny since yesterday was snow flurries! I decided to get myself outside to exercise, but wasn’t quite sure where to go. I went onto Decatur’s parks and rec website, and tried to remember the directions to a selected park…but got lost as usual in downtown Decatur. I remembered my boss telling me that Lullwater at Emory was one of the most beautiful walking trails in Atlanta, so I cut my losses and headed for campus.

If I haven’t said it before, Emory’s campus is one of the most beautiful I’ve been on. Since I’ve been on staff there, I have been working off campus. I wasn’t quite sure where to park, so I circled around and stopped at Candler Park. I walked up Peavine Creek, past fraternity and sorority houses, past The Depot and Wishcab (the nickname for the building I’m moving into on campus in two weeks) Lullwater was beautifully manicured with wide walking trails. The rhododendrons, dogwoods and cherry trees were in blossom. I walked all the way to the lake, and partially around before I turned back. I walked for a total of 70 minutes, and felt like my feet were going to fall off. I could only find my walking shoes that are a size too small, and only are comfortable on stationary gym equipment. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful evening in Atlanta, and I was happy I decided to get outside instead of home on the elliptical.

A progressively better week

Thank you for all of your well wishes this week. I’ve been in a lot of pain, and generally under the weather, but I’m sooo much better than Sunday. I have another ultrasound in a week to determine the size and changes in the cyst. Hopefully it won’t require surgery.

Here’s a few pictures from this week:

Here’s my sweet Rosie. She’s been a good helper this week.

This is my favorite car in Michigan. It typically sits dormant in the apartment parking lot, around the corner from us. It’s rusted beyond belief, the trunk bottom has rotted out and the spare tire is almost touching the ground at this point. The whole car is full of junk…fast food wrappers, magazines, dirty clothes. It just sits there in an auto cocoon. Ah yeah!

This week was Administrative Professionals Day. I was overwhelmed with generosity from my coworkers. The doctors gave me that beautiful lavender plant and a $20 Panera Bread gift card. The thoracic research specialist gave me the other plant. The nurses and PA’s gave me some cute serving dishes and prepared a really nice lunch. It’s nice to be recognized for all the hard work I put in during the year…and this place really took good care of me.

This is me smiling at my desk.

Michigan is finally in bloom. The popcorn trees are blooming, the tulips and daffodils are bursting into reds and yellows. We’ve had a solid week of 70 degree plus temperatures. Unfortunately, it’s going to cool down again tomorrow, and we might get another snowfall. I’m hoping to drive to Holland, MI next weekend for the tulip festival. Anyone want to carpool?