First Down

Yesterday I had my first interview for a job in Atlanta at Emory University. It was a phone interview, but it went really well, and they want me to come down next week to interview in person. The interviewer said, “We’ve gotten a lot of applications on this position, but you were the only one we’ve wanted to actually interview.” The position sounds right up my alley, even though it’s less healthcare-focused than I’d intended. It’s still administrative, but it’s with the med school.

Since I gave my notice at work in Michigan last week, there’s been a marked change in my happiness there. The past few weeks had actually been under control, as far as my workload, and I was feeling a tinge of sadness that I was leaving. But after a difficult experience Monday, and a ridiculous meeting Wednesday…I’m having a hard time imagining staying through the next few weeks. The surgeon who I’ve been working with since March leaves this week (for Atlanta, consequently) and I’ve been given a lot of the office’s grunt work to fill my time. I’m so glad it’s Friday!

Taylor’s on reserve in Atlanta this week. He got to play with Clint for two days after returning from California. Yesterday he got called on a ferry flight to Cincy, and then got extended overnight for a few more legs. He didn’t bring any extra clothes or his toiletry bag because when he left for the airport, he was supposed to be back in 6 hours. Hopefully he won’t have to work much this month….he really needs to finish his algebra class.

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