A very disappointing announcement

For the first time in a long time…I have nothing to say. I’ve never been at a loss for blog topics. So here’s your chance….what do YOU want me to blog about?

And now a random picture of my sister and I from 2007.

  • Bethany and Scott

    that is too funny 🙂 love it.

  • Mandy

    cute pic:)

    just here catching up on things!!

    have you been to The Varsity yet??

  • Nicole

    No, I actually haven’t been to the Varsity. My husband thinks it’s too far away. I’ve been to similar places in other cities, but Varsity is on my list.

  • Silvie

    You can blog about your plans visiting Europe???
    And hey…I have so often that I don’t know what to blog about… You are always doing so well!

  • Nicole

    Unfortunately, plans to come to Europe are indefinitely on hold. We have eight student loan companies breathing down our neck…..and a trip across the pond would be terribly irresponsible (despite being ridiculously fun)

  • Mary Watson

    I love ya sis!!

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