Video Ode to Trader Joes…

Who loves Trader Joes as much as I do? Rainn Wilson (yep, Dwight Schrute) tipped me off to this video taken illegally on his PDA. I could really use a trip to TJ’s right about now…

  • Dixie and Drew

    I have never been to trader joe’s before. I hear it is really a neat store!

  • Ms. Liz

    I LOVE Trader Joe’s. Its a deal breaker in a move. Do they have a Trader Joe’s? No? Well I can’t go then. Srsly.

  • Nicole

    Poor Utah will never have the joy of having Liz nor Trader Joes residing in their fair state…as it’s a two-in-one deal. Blame the UT liquor laws…

  • gramee

    i love sunflower seed butter!! oh wonderful!

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