Kreativ Blogger Award

The KBA. It’s not quite a Grammy (which as a young aspiring musician was my dream to achieve), but it’s an award nonetheless. Mary just nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. This award includes me posting a list of random things to get to know me better. However, I have listed so many quirks lately between here and Facebook, plus have 5 years of content on the blog… I will relinquish that responsibility for acceptance of the award. I also am to nominate some of my favorite blogs that are unique and creative, and I believe you should read.

I hereby nominate:

Can’t Catch Me – This is my cousin’s blog. She is the mother of 3, including one son with autism. She has a beautiful writing style and is a very talented photographer. She captures the little moments that make life meaningful.

Sketchpot– This is my former bishop’s art blog. I had no idea he was such a talented artist until a few months ago when I found the link to his blog on Facebook. My favorite sketch of all is his caricature of Michelle Obama.

Sweet Juniper – Two attorneys marry. Wife has baby, dad stays home with little baby Juniper. Enter Gram (baby #2) Dad keeps it real as a SAHD. If you want a cynical yet realistic view of life in Detroit, with amazing architectural photography, Junie is it.

Candy Blog – Who doesn’t love candy? Especially new, unique, and international candy?As I try to lose weight, Candy blog will touch, taste, smell, and experience all the exotic and new candies that I have to leave alone.

Little Momma and Co – She’s a pilot wife blogger, solely for the fact that her husband is a pilot, but her blog is definitely not aviation focused. She uses vibrant pictures and colors, with a fun vintage spin. Her blog is one of the few blogs whose multi-colored fonts and spacing don’t give me a migraine.

April Showers – One of my fellow Modern Molly Mormon bloggers (she’s Media Molly). She and I are so alike, it’s almost uncanny. We’re even addicted to the same Ben and Jerry’s flavor. Definitely on my list of blogger friends I want to meet this year.

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