Kreativ Blogger Award

The KBA. It’s not quite a Grammy (which as a young aspiring musician was my dream to achieve), but it’s an award nonetheless. Mary just nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. This award includes me posting a list of random things to get to know me better. However, I have listed so many quirks lately between here and Facebook, plus have 5 years of content on the blog… I will relinquish that responsibility for acceptance of the award. I also am to nominate some of my favorite blogs that are unique and creative, and I believe you should read.

I hereby nominate:

Can’t Catch Me – This is my cousin’s blog. She is the mother of 3, including one son with autism. She has a beautiful writing style and is a very talented photographer. She captures the little moments that make life meaningful.

Sketchpot– This is my former bishop’s art blog. I had no idea he was such a talented artist until a few months ago when I found the link to his blog on Facebook. My favorite sketch of all is his caricature of Michelle Obama.

Sweet Juniper – Two attorneys marry. Wife has baby, dad stays home with little baby Juniper. Enter Gram (baby #2) Dad keeps it real as a SAHD. If you want a cynical yet realistic view of life in Detroit, with amazing architectural photography, Junie is it.

Candy Blog – Who doesn’t love candy? Especially new, unique, and international candy?As I try to lose weight, Candy blog will touch, taste, smell, and experience all the exotic and new candies that I have to leave alone.

Little Momma and Co – She’s a pilot wife blogger, solely for the fact that her husband is a pilot, but her blog is definitely not aviation focused. She uses vibrant pictures and colors, with a fun vintage spin. Her blog is one of the few blogs whose multi-colored fonts and spacing don’t give me a migraine.

April Showers – One of my fellow Modern Molly Mormon bloggers (she’s Media Molly). She and I are so alike, it’s almost uncanny. We’re even addicted to the same Ben and Jerry’s flavor. Definitely on my list of blogger friends I want to meet this year.

"All That’s Left of Me is My Celebrity"

Ah….the Pearl Awards. The equivalent of the Mormon Grammys. The Faith Centered Music Association’s Night of glitz and glamor. Being a devout Eclipse fan, I was thrilled to be there as one of their groupies. But the night was so much more than Eclipse.

I had general admission tickets, which put me up in the balcony, but there were many open reserved seats, so there were selecting GA people to move to the floor.I was happy with my new seats….smack dab in the middle of Enoch Train, and across the aisle and two rows back from Eclipse. I saw so many performers and local personalities, it was fun to rub shoulders with the big-wigs (Kenneth Cope, Clive Romney, Sam Payne, and many many others. I also sat near Kae Compton (Nathan McEuen’s mom, whose hubby Dave is in Enoch Train) as well as Lee and Nancy Vance, and Courtenay Midgeley…avec the JR turned Eclipse fan club. The most disconcerting event of the evening was being checked out by Steven Kapp Perry (yes, he was definitely checking me out) But I was happy to be checked out by Scott Christensen…I mean Christopher (yep, he’s hot when he grins and winks)

The evening took more time than I expected. I had to be seated at 6:45, and the ticket info stated that the show would begin at 7. I was expecting 2, maybe 2 1/2 hours. But 7 is when the pre-show began. Presenting the awards that are announced as “previously awarded.” (This would include Eclipse winning Best Recorded Christmas Single “This Year” and Christmas Album of the Year “Three Kings.”) There was lots of practicing…..applauding, laughing, showing rapt attention, to be recorded for spots where the live show needed a little enhancement. The show actually began at 8:15ish. The performances were excellent (especially Sam Payne, Eclipse, and the Martin’s Cove Benefit song) The humor was witty (provided by Eric D Snyder…plenty of jello, funeral potatoes, olympics, I-15 construction, and NICK MOE jokes) I finally got out of the auditorium around 11:15. Yep, 4 1/2 fun-filled hours. I was so ready to rip of my formal dress.

Afterwards, I met up with Trevor(text message king….”Let’s play tonight!”) for ice cream at Leatherbys. Mmmmmm.