Type-A Parent Conference Ticket Winner

150 entries are in.

The competition was fierce.

andrea bates winner

Seriously, so much love for Type-A Parent Conference.

I ran the contest through Rafflecopter, with results through Random.org, and the winner is…

(drumroll please…)

Andrea Bates of the blog Good Girl Gone Redneck! Her extra tweet on the last day of the contest did the trick.

nicole bullock and andrea batesI was excited to see that Andrea won the contest because she is one of the most wonderful friends that I made at Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta last year in Charlotte. We bonded during a session about storytelling where we were paired up for an exercise. We talked about some of our greatest accomplishments and greatest struggles, and we knew that we were kindred spirits. We had a great time again in New York City at BlogHer ’12 where we ducked out of Sparklecorn early to have a heart-to-heart sitting on the hallway floor of the Hilton. I urge you to follow this awesome blogger!

Bummed you didn’t win the giveaway?

It’s not too late to register for Type-A Parent Conference through Eventbrite. Click through this registration link for a special discount.

Thank you to all who participated!

Wordless Wednesday: Antisocial Blogging Friends

April Durham blogger

If I didn’t know exactly how it feels to be wrapped up in a text conversation and sipping an icy Diet Coke, I might be sad that my blogging eBFF April Durham stopped paying attention long enough for me to snap this blackmail picture.

Winner! iPod Tune Juice 2!

The results are in… Congrats to Evonne at www.sellpartyof.com ! She is the winner of the Griffin iPod Tune Juice 2. Although I can’t recall ever meeting Evonne specifically, I have been hearing about her for years because she is my cousin Emily‘s BFF. Then I started seeing her name pop up on Twitter, then I started following her blog, and she in turn started following mine. Von – Tweet me and we’ll figure out the delivery details (preferably over a heavily frosted cupcake at Sweet Tooth Fairy)

Blog Stalking – Creepy or Complimentary?

I am certifiably addicted to blogs. I’ve been a blogger on and off for seven years. As of today, I have 357 different subscriptions in my Google Reader, plus about 15 private blogs I follow (yeah, I know I’m crazy). I don’t read EVERYTHING in detail, and I usually only comment if there’s something particularly noteworthy. I’d do nothing but read blogs if I commented on every post (which I used to do). Some blogs I’ve been following as far back as 2002, and I stick in a few new subscriptions a month.

When I find a blog that strikes my interest, I usually read it all the way back to the beginning. That way I have reference to different family member names, significant events, etc. I spent the better part of my free time reading all of the archives on Dooce this summer. I’ve met approximately 20 of my blogger friends in the last two years in real life. After reading their stories, I rarely have any awkwardness meeting IRL. I call this “reading all the way back to the beginning of the blog” phenomenon blog stalking. When I tell a fellow blogger that I’ve stalked them, I mean it as a great compliment.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a blog of a girl from my ward. She had an interesting story and wonderful humor, and I read all of her archives. She was an acquaintence, we had common friends, and I requested her as a friend on Facebook. She immediately accepted, and we chatted well into the evening about various topics. We had kids in the same primary class, went to the same college, and I was looking forward to getting to know her better. The next time I saw her at church, I told her I’d stalked her blog back to the beginning. After church I went to look at her FB page, and she had disappeared. Not only off my friends’ list, but she wasn’t even found in the search feature. This means she had unfriended AND blocked me. Then I went to her blog…it was changed from public to private. Every subsequent time I tried to talk to her, she acted nervous and began avoiding me. I don’t remember saying anything offensive to her….my only guess is that she was creeped out by the term “blog stalking.”

Another blogging acquaintence friended me on FB this week, and we also had a good instant message conversation. I joked that I enjoyed stalking her blog, and she replied that she liked stalking mine. Yesterday I decided to contact her on FB to ask her out to lunch….and it was like deja vu – off my friends list, all previous wall posts disappeared, and not found in search. I know that being “friends” online isn’t the most important thing…but I’ve been feeling sad about it.

So opinion time…do you think the term “blog stalking” is creepy or complimentary?

Kreativ Blogger Award

The KBA. It’s not quite a Grammy (which as a young aspiring musician was my dream to achieve), but it’s an award nonetheless. Mary just nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. This award includes me posting a list of random things to get to know me better. However, I have listed so many quirks lately between here and Facebook, plus have 5 years of content on the blog… I will relinquish that responsibility for acceptance of the award. I also am to nominate some of my favorite blogs that are unique and creative, and I believe you should read.

I hereby nominate:

Can’t Catch Me – This is my cousin’s blog. She is the mother of 3, including one son with autism. She has a beautiful writing style and is a very talented photographer. She captures the little moments that make life meaningful.

Sketchpot– This is my former bishop’s art blog. I had no idea he was such a talented artist until a few months ago when I found the link to his blog on Facebook. My favorite sketch of all is his caricature of Michelle Obama.

Sweet Juniper – Two attorneys marry. Wife has baby, dad stays home with little baby Juniper. Enter Gram (baby #2) Dad keeps it real as a SAHD. If you want a cynical yet realistic view of life in Detroit, with amazing architectural photography, Junie is it.

Candy Blog – Who doesn’t love candy? Especially new, unique, and international candy?As I try to lose weight, Candy blog will touch, taste, smell, and experience all the exotic and new candies that I have to leave alone.

Little Momma and Co – She’s a pilot wife blogger, solely for the fact that her husband is a pilot, but her blog is definitely not aviation focused. She uses vibrant pictures and colors, with a fun vintage spin. Her blog is one of the few blogs whose multi-colored fonts and spacing don’t give me a migraine.

April Showers – One of my fellow Modern Molly Mormon bloggers (she’s Media Molly). She and I are so alike, it’s almost uncanny. We’re even addicted to the same Ben and Jerry’s flavor. Definitely on my list of blogger friends I want to meet this year.

Meeting Blogger Friends: Hizzeather

It’s always an exciting thing when you meet a new friend. It’s even cooler when you can meet that person on their wedding day. Yesterday I finally met Heather (Hizzeather) and her new husband Cody. I drove up to their beautifully decorated reception in Palmdale in record time, so I was able to enjoy all of the reception festivities.

Most of her decorations were hand-made, in green, black and white. It was beautiful, but very personal to her too. I loved the pink roses trailing down her cake.

My favorite part of the reception was watching them dance. You could just tell how in love they are. And halfway through their romantic first dance, they broke out into some funky moves, just like the Youtube Wedding Couple.
Going to a reception for a virtual stranger can be a bit daunting, so I asked Heather who I should go talk to so I didn’t feel like a lonely idiot. She suggested that I talk to Debbie, we hit it off and talked the rest of the reception.

5 days to go…

I’m getting really excited for my trip to California next week. I was able to get approval from work to take Friday off. Rosie and I will be heading to our Zion Thursday evening. Friday we’re going to go to Disneyland with Liz, and I’ll have a Girls Night Out with some of my friends in the evening. Saturday morning, I’ll be spending time with my in-laws, and hopefully be picking up Taylor from the airport (he’s going to be coming off a high-speed so he’s still undecided if he’s actually going to come to Cali, even though he has the weekend off). Saturday afternoon I’ll be heading up to Palmdale for Heather and Cody’s wedding reception. That evening, my dear friends Anastasia and Kathryn will be performing at Molly Malones’ in LA…and fun nights out on the town typically follow. Sunday morning we’ll head back to Georgia.

I almost feel giddy with excitement to see Heather, or meet her, rather. I started stalking her blog in July when he won a contest on TAMN‘s blog. I loved her posts so much that I started from the beginning of her blog and read to her current post. I feel like I found a kindred spirit, and I smacked myself in the forehead saying, “Why didn’t I find her blog back when I lived in California? We would have been fast friends!” We share the same obesessions of Anne of Green Gables, Arrested Development, The Office, cute delicious cupcakes, the beach, and supporting Prop 8. We also can share a lot of sympathy over hyperactive hives and Benadryl addictions.

She has a really interesting story with Cody, and here’s the short version (and correct me if I’m wrong, Heather): She served as a missionary in Ukraine, came home and fell in love with Cody, and they planned to get married. Then the spirit started tugging on his heartstrings, and he prayed and decided to serve a mission prior to their wedding. Coincidentally, Cody was called to Ukraine. Heather wrote him faithfully, yet kept an independent fun life while he was across the world. He got home in December, and the decided to waste no time and get married on January 31st. Her positive attitude reminded me of how I had to keep things together for Rosie and I while Taylor was gone for flight training in 2007. Taylor was gone the better part of 11 months, and I only got to see him occasionally (like maybe one weekend every month or two). I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to not see Taylor at all for two years.

We may live on opposite sides of the country, but think we’ll hit it off, and I’ll have another mandatory friend to visit on my quick trips to Cali.

And as a funny side note, I’ll be attending Anastasia’s concert right after the wedding reception…and Nastia’s from Ukraine. That’s almost as coincidental as my uncle marrying two gorgeous Ukranian trophy wives (yes Lena, I know you read my blog 🙂