CCCC March Madness Current Standings

For those participating in my CCCC March Madness contest, here are the current comment standings as of 1:00 pm EST. We’re into the sweet sixteen!

Quixotic Healer 7
Lia 7
Lori 6
Kemi 4
Laree 3
Devri 3
Misty 3
Erin 2
Tripacerchick 2

(Those with one comment: Janelle, KC Mom, M-Jed, Elsja, Jennifer V, Hizzeather, Liberal Mormon, PartnerOfAPilot)
  • Kemi

    Excellent. Now I have 5.

    (hee hee)

  • partnerofapilot

    Lol! Sorry I’m so lame! I’ve had a rough week.

  • Silvie

    Count me in as from now… LOL

  • Laree

    The pressure is getting to be too much! maybe I’ll

  • Quixotic Healer

    Lol, WOW, didn’t think I’d be doing so well!

  • Nicole

    Sorry Laree…that’s spamming. Only counts for one comment (see original post…)

  • Lori

    I’m trying to “play” my best game here. You have to give me a break, I am a one woman team.

  • Lori

    Also, since I am in the commenting spirit, what can you share with us about your sleep study a couple weeks ago? Or is that not up for discussion?

  • Lia

    Oh hey!! I’m actually the front runner!! Whoot whoot!!

  • Laree

    nicole, I knew you wouldn’t count them, but it really was rather irresitable!

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