Queen Shellie

Everyone likes to think that their high school was the best. I’m pretty sure mine was…because Murray High School students were awesome enough my senior year to nominate Shellie, a wonderful girl with down syndrome, as our homecoming queen. Almost 12 years later, she is being honored again …check out her story here.

  • Hizzeather

    I saw that commercial! It made me cry! I have an uncle with down’s syndrome, so I know first hand how amazing they are. They truly are special, in the most awesome way!

  • lynsey

    that is so cool, i'm glad you posted this! i too felt the same way about MHS. we really had some remarkable students & faculty there, it's hard to find that type of sincere kindness in high schools these days.

  • KC Mom

    Such an inspiring story. That never happened at my high school…that’s for sure. It sounds like you had a great high school too.

  • Lia

    You’re gonna see on your tracker that I keep logging out. Sorry to make your tracker work so hard. I keep hitting the “X” instead of the back bottom to read more.
    Anywho…I remember when your school did this. Way cool! People still talk about it, obviously.

  • Quixotic Healer

    Wow!!! I want to see that commercial.

    I’m gonna see if I can find it online.

  • Lori

    We had some down syndrome students at our H.S. but nothing remarkable as this took place.

  • Wahlee

    I got to go to that presentation– it was held at Jordan Commons. 🙂 It was fun to see Shellie again, and all my coworkers were so interested in the story. Amazing that it’s still going.

  • Elsja

    Much better than our high school! Our homecoming queen had punched one of my friends about a month before the big vote (because my friend kissed her EX boyfriend) and she was still allowed to participate AND WIN!

    What a great story this is.

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