Sleepin’ Sexxxy

I met with Dr. I today to discuss the results of my last sleep study. He said my daytime sleepiness is caused by sleep apnea, pure and simple. No narcolepsy, just obstructive sleep apnea. When I had the nose mask on a low airflow (6) I had about 10 disturbances per hour with snoring. When I had a full face mask on medium airflow (9) I had only 2 disturbances over several hours with no snoring. He said if I stick with this mask with a chinstrap, I should have marked improvement in a few weeks. So now I get to put on this lovely mask along with my bedtime attire. Sexy, eh?

  • Wahlee

    Ouch! CPAPs are no fun. 🙁

    My dad has a mask that covers both his mouth and nose, so he doesn’t have to worry about the chin strap. He likes it.

  • Kemi

    Three (almost four) years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea too. They tried to send me home with a C-PAP mask, and I told them I’d rather die in my sleep than wear the thing to bed.

    I haven’t regretted my decision for a single day. 🙂

    It didn’t look like your mask, though. I hope you’re able to get better sleep.

  • devri

    Yes, that will be sexy, you might have to have your hubby sleep in a different room, to keep the hands off the mask!!!!

  • Lia

    Oooo baby!! Ya, my dad has one of those. It used to scare my kids. But you’ll feel so much better! And well hey, it doesn’t have to be on ALL the time.

  • Elsja

    Ugh! And I thought my retainers and eye mask were hot! 🙂 Hopefully it helps you!

  • Misty

    Hey, your hubby is gone half the time anyhow, who cares?! lol!!

  • Nicole

    The old masks I’d been using only covered my nose, and my mouth would gape open so much that air pressure would lessen to a non-therapeutic level. I know my mouth never stays closed when I sleep (just ask the people in my Sunday School class) I’ve tried the chinstrap with the nose mask, and it still didn’t work because my mouth would still be open a crack. The full-face mask forces my mouth closed.

    Knowing there wasn’t enough pressure to make the therapy worth it makes me mad that I’ve given it so many tries that could never help me. The important thing is that I’ve got a good doc now.

  • Lori

    It’s great that you will be getting the quality of sleep you deserve. Were you able to bring one home lastnight and how was your sleep?

  • Misty

    Also I think I changed my mind about rooming with you in Chicago…lol! Kidding!!

  • Rachel

    Oooooo…WAY SEXY! (:

  • Quixotic Healer

    That’s awesome! If someone tries to rob you, all you have to do is Darth Vader him/her and he/she will run with fright!

  • Laree

    I’ve got a bunch of faimly members that get to do cpaps. Sorry, girl- but at least you’ll get some sleep!

  • Hizzeather

    Oh snap! 🙂

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