Midweek Miscellany

April is National Fresh Celery Month…eat up!

Spring has sprung in Atlanta. Flowers are in bloom, trees are budding, and we’ve had lots and lots of rain. In fact, enough that the drought advisory may finally be lifted here. But what does rain plus pollen make?

Pollen Puddles. Ew.

Friday I leave for my long-awaited Pilot Wives Club meetup in Chicago. I’m meeting a few ladies at ATL (who need to connect to get to ORD) I finally get to meet so many people that I’ve only been able to chat with online. It’s going to be awesome (as long as we can all get there)

Cuteculturechick.com has just been featured on BlogFrog. On the front page, left column, a picture of me rotates with a quote from me about the site. If I’m not there on your first try, refresh the page.
The USPS is revealing a stamp on April 9th, commemorating The Simpsons 20 year anniversary. I’m super excited to put Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa on my upcoming letters…just wish the price wasn’t going up to 44 cents.
  • Lia

    Well you could have the snow that we’re still getting here! I couldn’t believe that picture “pollen puddles”. K, that’s a lot of pollen and I think my allergies would be in full panic!

  • gabrielle

    Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous. We still have SNOW here! What I’d give to even see a pollen puddles!

  • Quixotic Healer

    April 9th is exciting for me as well as brother number 3 comes home from BRAZIL!!!

    (And those pollen puddles look nasty!)

  • Misty

    who else is meeting in ATL? Oh by the way; what happens if you make a reservation and then don’t show up for it (I made reservations for my return flight to try to catch Brett in ATL who will be returning from South Bend, but the flight leaves from ORD at 5:40 and I don’t know if I’ll be up that early!)

  • Matthew Glenn

    QUIXOTIC HEALER, where is your brother in Brazil, I was there from 99 to 01 in Fortaleza. It’s in the Northeast part of the country.

  • Lori

    I bought a lot of “Forever” stamps, that’s what I did with Christmas $ from my in-laws, I put them away in the safe and some years from now I will be happy to have them.

  • Lori

    Way too much pollen for me. I don’t think I have allergies but I don’t want to find out that way.

  • elsja

    I hope you have so much fun at your meetup in chicago. It sounds like you ladies will have an awesome time. Stoked on the Simpsons stamp- my BF loves them. Hopefully someone will send me some mail from the US. My BF would probably put the envelope on the fridge for all our guests to see.

  • Nicole

    Elsja – You must read my blog from a Google Reader, or the like, because I’ve mentioned the contest three times, plus have a big icon on my sidebar. There is a place you can shower me with comments and compliments….but at this point it’ probably not worth the effort.

    I love the Simpsons also. I can’t wait to see the stamps.

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