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Using Twitter in Jail

My social networking habits seem to go back and forth between Twitter, blogging, MySpace, Facebook, and a couple Ning sites like Pilot Wives Club. Currently,
Twitter is my online vice of choice. If you are unfamiliar with the ins-and-outs of Twitter, here’s a handy guide to understanding the 140-character microconversation phenomenon.

Many words are melded together in the Twitterverse to help save on space. I’ve come up some of my own, picked up a few, and constantly create more. There’s also a feature called #hashtagging, where you can refer to specific events, celebrities, emotions, etc., and you tweet will be put into the search function on the Twitter sidebar.

Here’s a Twexicon, or Twitter Lexicon for your TwEnjoyment.

General Twitter Definitions
Tweet: A 140-character (or less) message posted on Twitter
Tweeting: The act of sending your Tweet
Retweet: Forwarding a tweet to your followers (AKA RT)
@: The symbol that precedes the name of a person you’re replying to (eg. @cuteculturechic)
Tweeps: Peeps, people, generally a Tweeter that you follow, and they follow you
Twitterverse: All the Tweeps who Tweet on the interwebs
Twinteraction: social interaction through Twitter
Twitterhood/Twitterville: a most exiting place we lived in that time
Tweet-up: when Twitterers arrange to meet face-to-face. Good for lonely hearts, travellers, sociable types.
Twitpic: one of many applications that enable you to take a picture on your mobile then zip it straight to all your followers via Twitter

Lingo you may find while Tweeting:
Twoops: Accidentally posting a private/direct message (DM) on your public feed
Twoosh: Posting a message on Twitter that is exactly 140 tweets
Twirty: Dirty or Flirty
Twornication: Affairs that start from meeting on Twitter
Twinsomnia: Insomnia sparked by getting too involved in tweeting late at night
Twirting: Flirting
Tweetaholic: Someone so addicted to Twitter, so much that it requires a Twintervention
Twintervention: The act of interfering in one person’s addiction to Twitter by another

Twittonary: Dictionary of Twitter Terms
Twabstinence: Giving up Twitter because it takes up too much time
Twabulous: Fabulous
Twaffic: When too many people tweet, and it causes the site to slow down to a crawl
Tweet Cred: trying to impress a Twitterer with more followers increases your “Tweet Cred”

Twunkie: A Twitter Junkie

LDS-specific Twitter Lingo (most of these I made up just for fun)
Sacrament Tweeting: Secretly tweeting at church
Twabernacle or Twemple: Where LDS Tweeps Meet
Twinnocent: Innocent
Twaperone: Chaperone
Tweediator: Mediator
Twintegrity: Integrity
Twornication: A sin you have to confess to your Twishop
Twishop: Bishop
Tweepentance: How to make things right after Twornication
Tweeneology: Going back through your followers to see who is related to you
Tweaching: Preaching via Twitter

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