The All-New

After hinting around for a few weeks, I’m finally ready to announce the relaunch of my beloved site

For the last month, I’ve been comparison-shopping web hosts, rethinking the vision and scope of my future contributions to the interwebs and bloggosphere. I want to offer more tips and tricks on discount travel, be an advocate for aviation families, highlight guest authors, and pursue sponsorships and philanthropy. The conclusion I came to was that my goals were not reasonable on the Blogger platform, and I’ve been playing “getting to know you” with WordPress.

It’s a bittersweet separation. I’ve been publishing through Blogger since 2002. I know the ins-and-outs of their editing and publishing (minus the super-tricky HTML). I’ve got almost all of my web-related life connected through Google. But I have exciting ideas for my site, will be expanding into more of a website than “just a blog.” I also made up some super spiffy business cards as well (you know, to throw into “free meal” jars at restaurants).

For those who subscribe in Google Reader (or other RSS service), please update your feed to

Click on over, have a looksie. I think you’ll dig it.

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