The Bachelor Finale: Jake and the Skank

“This is the life I’ve always wanted. This is the guy I’ve always wanted. This is the fairy tale I thought I’d never have.”

Vienna Girardi

So…Jake chose Vienna.

Vienna Marie Girardi

Born in Geneva, Florida May, 1986 (23-years old)
Currently resides in Sanford, Florida
Graduated from the University of Central Florida
Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communication
Member of Kappa Delta

Back before this season of “The Bachelor” started, I was given spoilers for the season from my friends through Pilot Wives Club. I haven’t ever gone into a reality TV season with so much info, but it gave me a chance to watch this season of The Bachelor with a more critical eye. I knew Vienna would win, and I watched her words and actions with a fine-toothed comb.

Vienna Girardi rubbed me the wrong way from the season premiere. She does have a attractive body and spunky personality, but the best descriptive word that flashes in my mind is FAKE! How will she look without the hair extensions and push-up bra? How will he feel about her when she can’t fit into her little booty shorts? She quickly wrapped Jake around her French-manicured little finger. Jake “bonded” with her while bungee jumping, interpreting adrenaline for love. Jake dismissed the warnings about Vienna from the other girls in the house. And if Jake doesn’t end up happy, it’s his own darn fault.But who knows? Maybe Jake and Vienna WILL have their happily ever after. Being married to a regional pilot in Texas will be much different than the lavish dates and accommodations of St. Lucia. Vienna will love her 15 minutes of fame, but her story will change when Jake is gone over half the month. And that’s if he even goes back to flying “on the line.” She hasn’t yet experienced the disappointment that occurs when Jake gets delayed or extended on trips, when he gets scheduled major holidays and on her birthday.

My prediction? Jake and Vienna won’t last. They’ll enjoy the publicity for a while. They’ll get stalked by the paparazzi. They’ll plan their lavish wedding.  Jake will probably get that Southwest Airlines gig he’s been hoping for, but be stuck on reserve for years.  And while Jake is gone, Vienna will get bored and give up on him. Her Zoom-whitened smile will fade and she’ll get bored of being alone on his four-day trips. One or both of them will cheat. And in a few years, she’ll end up like this on a  future season of  “Reality TV Romances that Didn’t Work Out”.

  • AMEN!

    Man that was painful….

  • kassi

    so so true. Sad, but true.

  • The funniest part is, Jake hardly even flies, he spends more time running his limo company than he does in a plane!!! How’s Vienna gonna like THAT!!!

  • They seem perfect for each other. I think Jake is an attention whore.

  • Amy

    I think you are absolutely right!

  • Yeah, I definitely agree with you. People keep saying that Tenley is too much perfect Princess, but she at least seemed genuine to me, whereas Vienna screamed fake to me from day one. Sigh. Oh well.

  • Oh this whole thing just drove me crazy too! First of all, it drove me crazy that I wasted my life on watching the dumb show in the first place. But seriously, who is attracted to someone with yellow hair? Not blonde, yellow. And that’s just the first offense of many. Clearly Jake traded maturity for boobs. I agree with you, it won’t last.

  • eww her face is not even pretty!!

  • I agree she’s young and has some growing up to do. I’m all for poking fun, but geez ya’ll are harsh.

  • Are we going to invite her to be a member of the pilot wives club?

  • Tracy

    Her comment, “This is the life I have always wanted” made me laugh. I don’t think she knows what “real life” with a pilot really is. I hope they both got paid enough to live the life style they have lived while filming the show, because that is not real in my pilot wife world. I agree with what you said about just wait until he is sitting reserve, has to miss a holiday or is late getting home and has to miss an event. As I am typing this, my husband is suppose to be walking in the door from a trip, but the fog is so dense out, he is most likely still looking for somewhere to land……….at least he’ll be home for the weekend. : ) I keep expectations low!

  • Don’t be so negative. Give them a chance. It may not be as bad as you are predicting.

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  • Hi, your blog page appears to be like quite artistic in its style.

  • Wow! Great job!

  • beentheirtwice

    talk about women bashing other women. Their both phony jake wants show biz,she is young and takes good care of herself diet exercise thats cool.

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