divinity candy

“Ladies, we are like Divinity. Some of us are smooth, some are crusty. But we all taste good.”

-Rea Allsop

Today in Relief Society, one of my favorite women in my old/new ward gave the lesson. Four hours later, I can’t even remember what the overall outline of the lesson was, but that comment stuck with me. Partially because I tweeted it out right after she said it, partially because she also passed out homemade divinity (with no nuts! Glorious!). But I can’t get the idea out of my mind.

Have you ever tried to make divinity? It’s light and fluffy classic homemade candy. It’s a very temperamental candy to make, especially when heat and humidity conditions aren’t good. But isn’t that how life can turn out? When trials abound, and we’re under tremendous pressure, we might not end up the way we hope. We may not be the right color. We might not be the right texture. We might look a lot denser, misshapen, airy, or gritty than the one next to us. But when it comes down to it…we are all sweet and special. And we are divine.

  • Oh, I LOVE Rea. There are times I really miss that old ward. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love Rea too! I was so excited that she was still in the ward. It’s a little bit surreal to be back, but I’m happy to know a few people. Always helpful in a new ward.

  • Alisha Whitfield

    I love this. I am on the RS presidency in our ward and I might have to try to use this some how. Now the wheels in my brain are turning. Thanks for the recipe too. I cant wait to try it.

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