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TMI Friday: Mormon Beauty, Modesty, and Shame

Sometimes you feel something, but it’s not an appropriate time to say it. For me, I tend to keep my mouth shut (literally), bring it up on Twitter, and then talk about it on my blog later. Now it’s time to talk. Today’s topic: Modesty. There have been many talks, articles, blog posts, and firesides […]



“Ladies, we are like Divinity. Some of us are smooth, some are crusty. But we all taste good.” -Rea Allsop Today in Relief Society, one of my favorite women in my old/new ward gave the lesson. Four hours later, I can’t even remember what the overall outline of the lesson was, but that comment stuck […]


TMI Friday: Don’t Mess With My Peeps, Yo!

I’m Nicole, and I’m a Mormon. But I don’t always feel comfortable talking about religion on my blog. As I’m sure most people do in their life, I have had questions about my faith. I have heard unsavory stories of things that have happened through the history of my church. I have lived half of […]


A Day Long Awaited

Countless prayers uttered over days, months, and years. Many questions discussed, pondered, and researched. A room full of people who love and support you, and desire your greatest happiness. Dayna, Nathan, and Natalie…I love you so much. Congratulations on your baptism.


A Little General Conference Humor…

Hope you enjoyed these Puns of Perdition. If these photos don’t make sense, you’re probably not LDS. Photos courtesy of My Religious Blog

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Peeking In

Just peeking in to share a little inspiration for the day.I just wanted to let all you know that I’m still alive. Life’s been tough recently, sometimes seeming like more than I can bear. I won’t go into details, and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way right now. This morning I […]

Like a Sun with Perfect Light

This morning on my way back from South Bend, I decided to listen to a little Mormon Tabernacle Choir to get into the Sunday spirit. The flight departed at 5:50 am, and the I watched out the window for a good part of the flight. The sunlight was peaking over the horizon and looked spectacular. […]

Mormons and Media

Some of my readers, online friends, and acquaintances in general have asked me what I think about HBO’s Big Love portrayal of a Latter-Day Saint temple ceremony. I will defer you to the official statement of the Church, found at Mormon.orgOfficial Statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:SALT LAKE CITY 9 March […]

Home is a Special Kind of Feeling

Lately on Sundays, I’ve been trying to listen to music that is more spiritual than my usual fare. I grew up on the classical music and Mormon Tabernacle Choir, of which my Uncle David and friend Neil are currently members. It’s still a dream to someday be a part of the Mo-Tab. Last weekend, I […]


Integrity and Virtue

On Sunday, I attended my last week in the Plymouth Ward. I have been serving in the primary and nursery for my tenure in the ward, but really wanted to attend Relief Society for my last week. I’m so glad I did. There was a combined lesson/program on finding JOY in the season through serving […]