Wordless Wednesday: Drink Coca-Cola

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I’m Going Off Soda

giving up diet cokeI’ve been threatening to do it for year.

And now is the time.

Today is my 5th day completely soda/carbonation free. It’s actually day 8 in the process, but I caved to a can of Diet Mtn Dew when I had a headache on day 2.

There are a lot of reasons why I needed to give it up. First, it was an addiction, pure and simple. I couldn’t get through the day without a McDiet #PDR, or a “Route 44 Coke Zero with vanilla” at Sonic. I would wake up thinking of how bad I wanted a Coke to get me going in the morning. I wanted a drink to get me through the lull of the afternoon. I wanted a drink to help me focus at work. It was overwhelming.

Second, it was expensive. Many days I drank well over 100oz, much to the chagrin of my wallet. My husband called my daily need for soda my “pack a day” habit. Even trying to get the cheapest refills, it was easily costing me over $100 per month. I can think of a lot of things I’d rather spend $100 on a month.

Third, it was not good for my health. I’ve been taking mega-doses of Vitamin D and Calcium to make up for the mineral deficiencies that diet soda causes. Plus, it was stretching out my stomach. I can down a 32oz drink in no time, which made it that much easier to overeat. Although I got to the point that I would choose a soda over a decadent dessert…it still was a little messed up to be thinking that way. After watching this video, I knew I needed to do it:

I’m getting ready for a big change in my life that I’ve been preparing to undertake for over a year. If all goes as planned, it will happen sometime in February. It will change my life and my health for the better. I’m even working on a separate blog to document the process, which I will announce shortly. I’m even going to VIDEO BLOG on it, which I haven’t every ventured into before. I’m scared and excited at the same time.

So raise your glass (of water) and congratulate me on 5 days “sober” from soda. I’ll need support on this one. Just the sound of carbonation is a temptation.

#PDReview – Battle of the Diet Cokes

Proper drink run #PDROver the last two years, I’ve become a total Coke junkie. I could lay blame on many different factors, but I recognize that I was hooked when I moved to Atlanta. I worked for a university that received a significant amount of funding from the Coca-Cola company, which allowed the vending machines on campus to be subsidized. When you’re thirsty, it’s hard to say no to a $.75 20oz bottle of Coke! And thus my almost-daily habit began.

Although my tastebuds have changed to prefer Coke Zero, Diet Coke is much more readily accessible. And from much trial and error, I have found that not all Diet Coke is created equal. The sweetness, bitterness, and level of carbonation can vary drastically, depending on whether it’s from a can, bottle, or from a fountain.

A #PDR is a Proper Drink Run. Whenever you check in for a refreshing beverage,add the #PDR hashtag. The type of drink can be anything from soda to juice to milk to beer, according to the official @properdrinkrun Twitter page:

@ProperDrinkRun Wherever you drink Out 'N About & need something to quench your thirst? Whether Soda, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer, White Russian, etc. # your Proper Drink Run #PDR, whatchya drinkin? http://foursquare.com/user/properdrinkrun

I was asked by the mighty @paco_belle, keeper of the #PDR empire, to do today’s #PDReview. Even though @ThomAllen‘s review last week was for Diet Coke, I decided to go in a different direction. I decided to determine which fountain in the Salt Lake area provides the best tasting Diet Coke. I got fountain drinks from the following locations:

McDonalds – 7200 S and I-15 – 32oz for $1.08
Holiday Oil – 7200 S and 700 W – 32oz for $.86
Maverick – 7800 S and 700 W – 52oz refill for $1.38
Sonic – 12300 S and 300 E – 44oz for $1.50 (with Sonic VIP sticker)

diet coke reviews

Battle of the Diet Cokes

I also purchased a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke to use at the control for the taste test. Although there are Coca-Cola bottling plants all over the world, the bottled product tends to have a consistent taste. In comparison to the bottled Diet Coke, here are my findings:

McDonald’s – The most similar to the bottle. Sweet, well carbonated but did not sting my throat. Just a hint of bitterness.

Holiday Oil – The most bitter of the group. Hardly sweet at all. Very carbonated but tasted watered down.

Maverick – Kinda flat. Darkest color. Average bitterness. More expensive refill price than Holiday.

Sonic – Sweetest of the fountain drinks. Slightly carbonated. Not bitter at all. Best ice.

nicole bullock drinking diet cokeOut of the group, it was a toss-up between Sonic and McDonalds, which are the two places I typically grab a #PDR. I have the Sonic VIP sticker which gives you any drink, any day, at any time for $1.39 + tax. Because I like to have vanilla syrup in my Coke, I’ll choose Sonic over McDonalds if they’re right next to each other (like they are in Ft. Union and in Draper). And if you go to Sonic during Happy Hour (between 2pm-4pm), you can get all your drinks for half price.

But the tiebreaker for me is “leftover appeal.” I usually grab a big drink and sip it for several hours. After 3 hours, the McDonald’s Diet Coke tasted much better than the others. It actually tasted a little sweeter without the ice. So for today’s #PDReview, the winner is McDonald’s. Or as I like to call it, my “McDiet.”

What is your #PDR drink of choice?