Wordless Wednesday: Nicole’s Knotty Hair

knotty naughty nicole

When unraveling braids, my hair gets a little knotty/naughty

The Southern Belle Bob

The last time I had short hair was in late 2005 or 2006 when I donated my hair to Locks of Love. Taylor prefers it long, and I do like it long, but the humidity here makes the back of my hair turn into a tangled mess by the end of the day. Taylor and Rosie needed cuts, so I decided to get one too. The Great Clips $5.99 special, and I pointed to the picture on the wall of the salon. What do you think?

Time for a haircut!

My hair is probably the longest it’s ever been right now. It goes halfway down my back! However, Michigan has been plenty humid these past few months, and my hair is getting so unruly!!! The humidity brings out the natural curl that I desperately try to unkink with my flat iron. Lately, it’s been in a ponytail or Knothead almost every day. A coworker was saying that if your favorite hairstyle is a ponytail, it’s time for a new style.

So tonight I cut my hair. Nothing drastic, but enough to feel like I lost a little hair-weight. It’s in a ponytail right now, but I’ll post a pic in a few days when it’s styled.

Farewell to my stylin’ Friend

Yesterday, the beauty item of my affection passed away on my bathroom counter. This flat iron is the most wonderful one I’ve ever owned, the Ping Magic Ionic Digital Iron. I bought it from Ulta last year for an amazing price…normally $180, on clearance for $35!!! Add in the 20% off coupon I brought with me, and it was only $28. I’ve been amazed with how beautiful my hair has become as a result of Ping…it’s like my Johnny Lingo for my Mahanna hair. A little TLC has tamed the wild, coarse and curly soul out of my long, brunette locks, and made it so beautiful that everyone on the island (i.e. America) comments on it. It makes me feel like a Ten-cow wife.

I’ve emailed the company to see if I can do a free exchange for a replacement iron. The cheapest I’ve found it was $80 on eBay, and the retail for it elsewhere online has been $120 pretty consistently. So as I make my funeral arrangements for Ping, does anyone have any suggestions for stellar flat irons less than $80? I’ve toyed with the idea of a Chi, Coriolis, Wigo, and one of those really great ones that they sell at county fairs and mall kiosks. It must meet this criteria:

– Must have a width of less than 1.25 inches
– Must be a shape that allows straightening, flipping, and curling
– Must heat to at least 300 degrees
– Preferably full ceramic with tourmaline
– Preferably sold in a store that I can use a coupon