My score

For those who only know what’s going on in my life through my blog, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my final! I got a 78%…which is pretty great. I talked to my advisor who said the 54% passing score on the test was equivalent to a B…so I did great. […]

The big exhale…

I am done with the semester….at least 99% done for now. I can breathe again. My evenings will be much more free for the next month. Unfortunately, I also think I just bombed the final. After 4 months of studying, analyzing, memorizing, preparing and praying…I thought that I was justified in walking confidently into the […]

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“You can’t let your personal issues conflict with your business or educational goals.” Aquarius, Yahoo Horoscope, 8/16/06 I’m just over two months into my semester at WGU. I finished the introductory course (Education without Boundaries), I’m about 2/3 done with my 12 unit Leadership and Professionalism course, and hope to finish another class by November. […]

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Goin’ Back to School

Going Back to School Current mood: contemplative Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes In the last few weeks, I’ve decided that it’s time to continue my education. I have my associate degree in Humanities, but only have taken 6 credits beyond my AA. Taylor will be finishing up school this summer, and it’s time for my education […]