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Utah and Idaho Trip, and a fun family-filled 4th

Current mood: exhausted These past few weeks have been super fun-filled! My stress level has also been high, so I feel like I’m in a bit of a manic phase right now. I’ve never been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but these last two weeks would make one wonder. So to summarize, here are the highlights […]

Tucson…it’s a small world after all

I’ve been trying to sell my Honda Fit for a few weeks. I posted it in a few websites, put signs in the windows, and have been generally promoting it since mid-April. I was getting frustrated that I hadn’t had any luck for nearly 6 weeks. I hadn’t tried eBay motors because I was under […]

Florida trip, take two…

Current mood: happy Sunday morning we slept in, ate some yogurt and granola bars at the dorms, then headed to church. We attended the Coral Springs Ward. The bishop was really nice, and being from Santa Monica, laughed when we said we were from LA. He said “La Verne is NOT LA!” The most interesting […]

Florida Vacation Details

Current mood: content Thursday I had to work a few hours at Chino Valley for the Emergency Department meeting. Afterwards, Melissa picked me up from the hospital and dropped Rosie and I off at Ontario Airport. I had done the internet check-in before I left work, but it ended up making it harder to check […]

What’s Goin’ On?

WE WANT TO MOVE!!! We’re fed up with our neighborhood! Not only have we had ***6*** attempted/sucessful breakins between our two cars since April, there was a pipebomb explosion in the mailbox across the street this week. We don’t feel safe and we want a change. So if anyone sees a house within the $125-150K […]

The Latest and Greatest

California trip was awesome! Rosie and I loved Disneyland, the weather was great, the bachelorette party was fun and the wedding is over (Lissy and Tyler) I’m back to reality, but it shouldn’t be too bad…. …because I got a new job! I will be a medical secretary at the Lab at LDS Hospital. I […]