A battle of wits and wisdom

This morning I got a call from the Thoracic Surgery department administrator, saying that they were very interested in meeting with me again, and interviewing with the surgeon that I’d be working for (if I chose this position.) The only time that he’s available to meet is Thursday morning at 7:30 am. I have my PEP interview at 9:00…so this works out fine. When I mentioned that my Pathology interview went really well, and that they wanted to hire me…she said they were willing to fight for me. Does this mean I have leverage for a better salary?

In other news, I have been laid up in bed for most of the day. I have been feeling shooting pains and spasms. I don’t know if it’s from Clint’s adjustment, or from using muscles not usually used while swimming…but I’m pretty sore. Hopefully I’ll wake up without pain and be able to trek (through all these new inches of snow) to the gym.

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