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Social Media And The Digital World Of Teens

Last week, I was featured in the Deseret News, one of the local newspapers in Salt Lake City, discussing kids, social media, and online safety. I’m pleased that people┬álike what I have to say about keeping your kids safe online, because it’s such an important issue for me. Libby, the producer from KSL News, gave […]


Just my luck…

Today I’ve got a job interview. I got the call at 5:30 pm yesterday for an interview just after lunchtime. It the first time I’ve planned to make my hair look really nice and wear full makeup in a few months. As I was getting all of my makeup out on the counter, I froze […]


Mutually Beneficial

Yesterday I had my interview at Emory. I hate to get my hopes up prematurely, but I really think I’ve got the job. I was impressed by the people that I met with, had comments ranging from acceptable-to-stunning for every question, had a lot in common with the interviewers, and just had a good gut […]

First Down

Yesterday I had my first interview for a job in Atlanta at Emory University. It was a phone interview, but it went really well, and they want me to come down next week to interview in person. The interviewer said, “We’ve gotten a lot of applications on this position, but you were the only one […]

A battle of wits and wisdom

This morning I got a call from the Thoracic Surgery department administrator, saying that they were very interested in meeting with me again, and interviewing with the surgeon that I’d be working for (if I chose this position.) The only time that he’s available to meet is Thursday morning at 7:30 am. I have my […]

Two Awesome Interviews

This morning is the first time since December that I got up, did my hair and make up, and dressed myself in business casual. I did my last resume revisions, filled up the gas tank, and drove to Ann Arbor. I gave myself an extra hour to get there, just in case random road hazards […]