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Doing my Best

The last few months have really put me through the wringer, emotionally and physically. It has been incredibly difficult to go from an able-bodied, overzealous DO-er, to someone who has to accept help from others, and be satisfied with myself when I accomplish less than my usual best. My mother has dealt with chronic pain […]

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Public Service Announcement: Never Sleep With a Laptop

I am guilty for spending hours in bed with my laptop. And pretty often, I fall asleep with my laptop on my bed. Usually, the computer will go into standby mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. When I woke up this morning, I was shocked to see this huge blister on my hand: I was […]

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I Grit My Teeth and Fake a Smile

I grit my teeth and fake a smile And no one knows it all the while My life is spent in waiting rooms And stressing over copays due My back is screaming, feet are numb But to share my pain makes me feel dumb I pawn my treasures and count pennies To pay doctors bills […]

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Who on Earth is Tarlov, and How Did I Get His Cysts?

Yesterday I went back to the imaging center for my second MRI of my lumbar spine. This time it was done with contrast dye, which I had a mild adverse reaction to (burning sensation, nausea, etc). Once my body calmed down after the dye was injected, the MRI was pretty simple. This afternoon the results […]

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Dental Drama and PT Pain

The past few days have been somewhat miserable for me. Anyone who’s read my blog for a while knows that I’ve had a ridiculous about of dental work and other tooth woes: crowns, root canals, periodontal work, the Cerec fiasco, etc. Last week I went to a new dentist, who informed me that two recent […]

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Not a pain in the neck, more like a pain in the butt!

Two weeks ago, I was shoveling snow in my driveway. We’d gotten about 11 inches of snow, and had let it sit for a day. Once I picked up a scarf, hat, gloves and some snow boots from DI, I went to work clearing a path for my car in the driveway. After about 45 […]

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A battle of wits and wisdom

This morning I got a call from the Thoracic Surgery department administrator, saying that they were very interested in meeting with me again, and interviewing with the surgeon that I’d be working for (if I chose this position.) The only time that he’s available to meet is Thursday morning at 7:30 am. I have my […]