November Update

Obviously for anyone who has actually looked at this blog, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged at all. I’ve thought about it…but I don’t get to a computer with net access often enough to actually sit down and type for a while. I’m at my parents, and Rosie is thoroughly engrossed in Monsters Inc…again.

Viva Voce is so wonderful. Jean, our director is the greatest (at least up there with Mr Scott) She really brings an artistic side to our music, and she has a great sense of humor. We have our first real performance at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square tomorrow. It’s really exciting to be on stage singing again. It’s been too long since I’ve sung in a REAL choir. Joseph and Hello Dolly were great, but I didn’t feel like my singing in those shows required a high degree of concentration and talent. Plus we’ve got a great repertoire this season.

Work has become a bit more stressful recently. We’ve had several coworkers leave, and new hires come. I’m training on the system IDX which is completely different than the system that I’ve been working on (Infinity) Plus, my alpha MEF-RAS has changed to Q-U….and that means all but 80 accounts of mine are different and I have many more accounts to work on. (approx 2000) It’s going to take a while for my stats to look as good as October’s. (Last month I got 8%, and the team goal is 25% of accounts over 120 days old) I really miss Angela, who was my best friend from work, who left IHC to be home with her family. But I did recently get a slight raise, so that’s nice.

Steve’s ROTC is still up in the air. We should have a decision soon. He did get his nursing school application in at Westminster, but we don’t know how we are going to pay for school. We’ve already taken out $3000 in loans for this semester’s tuition, and we still owe $2500. (The ROTC was supposed to pay for everything) Steve’s having some doubts as to this being the best decision for his future. I really don’t know….I’m praying for him and leaving the decision up to him.

I finally got realsed from Nursery. I’ve been in there for 2 years (minus 4 months) between two wards. We just got called to be Ward Missionaries. This will be cool.

Also, as a note to my previous blog, Grandpa Watson died last month of bone cancer. Rosie and I drove up to Portland with my family to go to the funeral. I’m so grateful that Rosie got a chance to see him before he passed away. She loves the pictures we took of them together.

Well, that’s all for now.
Nicole 6:34 PM

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