Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIE

Today is the sleepiest I’ve been on a workday in ages. Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIEĀ I have two explanations. One is that I haven’t been taking one of my meds to keep me awake during the day. I’m in prescription stimulant withdrawl. I have my sleep oximitery test tonight. Had to take a long lunch to drive to Alta View Hospital sleep lab to pick up the machine. I’ll have to use PTO this week. GRRRR

The other reason is that right after my head hit the pillow last night, my cell phone rang. I toyed with the idea of leting it be and just attempting to sleep, but I was not tired enough to sleep as “Robotica” (my ring tone) pulsed and vibrated next to my feet. I answered the phone and it was Tim Fritz. About 10 seconds into the conversation my smoke alarm beeped. It has been beeping anywhere from every 3 minutes to every hour since February. Yes, I know that I could have avoided a lot of insanity-causing sound effects had I just gone to the neighbor’s house and borrowed a ladder (It was on my vaulted ceiling, not quite low enough to use a chair)

SO anyways…Fritz insisted on a after-midnight maintenence run to fix my smoke alarm. Kinda silly to be the damsel in auditory-distress, rescued by a mechanically-minded hotty. He has complained everytime that I have talked to him about his annoyance of the beeping. So now I can rest easy, and he won’t have to complain when he calls me. Funny that he decided to show up at 1 am.

So…that said…once I actually fell asleep, I was out like a log. With no beeping. Just only got 5 hours of sleep. Goin’ to bed early tonight with the pusle-ox in my finger. If any of you catch me up past 10 pm tonight….scold me and send my to my bedroom.

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