Just Another Manic Monday

Such an eventful weekend, and such a lame day at work. I will just put a few highlights from the last few days..

Friday: Orem Summerfest with Dan. “And she’s shopping at Seven-Ele-uh-ven” Missed all but the last song from Moosebutter, but I chatted with Tim and he hooked me up with a new copy of See Dee. Jon Schmidt, Nancy Hansen, and Peter Breinholt were great. Dan and I enjoyed ourselves muchly. Afterwards I introduced him the the Brick Oven. MMMMMMMMM

Satuday: Hiked in Adams Canyon with Dan. Didn’t make it to the waterfall, but did enjoy sitting on the rock in the middle of the stream, splashing Dan and enjoying the scenery. Would have liked to stay longer, but wanted to catch Peter B at Eagle Mountain. Began the concert in the back of the crowd, and with the poor sound quality I was not enjoying myself as much as the typical Peter B show. But Rosie and I ran into Leslie Allard up by the stage, and we ended up chillin’ together for a while. I also ran into Aaron Ganz and Jake Lambson with their ladies. Fun to get caught up. Scary moment of the night was losing Rosie. Had the Sheriffs do a CODE ADAM and were able to find her. Scared the heck out of me. Left early, but did catch some of the fireworks.

Sunday: Slept in (HEAVEN!) Church was great. I sang in Sacrament Meeting, which was wonderful. Gospel Doctrine was Alma 5. Talk about a pierce you in the heart chapter. But everytime I read it, I am inspired to do better. I want to have His image in my countenance. And RS was about the Priesthood. So powerful.

Was having a craving for chocolate “crisp” cookies, so I made a couple batches. Dan wanted to come over, so I figured I should make an attempt at seeming domesticated (a la Stepford Wives) In waiting for Dan, I had an impromptu visit from the cute bookstore boy. He ate my cookies and exploited my couch. But I forgive him, because he’s (in the words of Emily) “just so pretty.” Watched a very hillarious episode on Cartoon Network about spanking. ROFLMBO Then Dan came and we watched “The Sixth Sense.” Went narcoleptic on him, but it’s all his fault for being so darn comfy. Three days in a row with him. Guess we’re not so broken up anymore. He wants me to play fashion consultant for him this week. Old Navy and Chik-Fil-A date….fun fun.

Today: New update of IDX. It is completely inefficient.All of my favorite “ACTION” codes have been deleted. Wasted half my morning on failed batches and CIF’s that could only be partially completed. But on the upside, got to eat BTS cake for Heidi’s b-day. Mentioned it to Dan, and got a SAUCY email back from him. Thus, focus lost for the rest of the workday. Listened to the DMB mix CD Dan gave me today.(it was a half-eared attempt) and started reading The Stepford Wives (which Dan also gave me 🙂 That boy just treats me so darn sweetly.

Just got an IM from Michael (mdw_hedger) He’s getting married August 18th. Funny that the last time I talked to him, he was itchin’ for a little lip. But I’m happy for him. As he would say, “good on ya!”

Ok….gonna take a break and pull some stinky weeds.

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