Thursday I don’t care ’bout you, it’s Friday I’m in Love

Today I went insane at work. I was listening to music and trying to overhear a nearby co-workers conversation at work, and decided to get up to join in. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the earphones out of my ears, and one popped apart in my ear and shocked me. After the initial zing in my ear wore off, I realized that it broke my earphones. I fiddled around with them, trying to get the wires to reconnect to no avail. They are a goner. So I had to brave the majority of my workday without my tunes. Grrr

As for the conversation I was joining, Gina’s ex was taken off life support last night…and amazingly released from the hospital today! However, he took a turn for the worse and ended up readmitted this afternoon. Ah, swiftly life can change.

Today was rainy, and I listened to U2 in the car on the way home.

Compromise that’s nothing new to you.
Let’s see colours that have never been seen
Let’s go places no one else has been

You’re in my mind all of the time
I know that’s not enough
Well if the sky can crack there must be someway back
To love and only love

Electrical storm (Electrical Storm, U2)

Oh, another song I had in my head today. I just found out that Cake does a version of it too.

you won’t admit you love me.
and so how am i ever to know?
you always tell me
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

a million times i ask you,
and then i ask you over
again, you only answer
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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