The Scenery is Here, Wish you were beautiful

Friday at work? Zero focus. I got some busy work done, but I was so wanting to be out the door with the earlier groups that headed up. The only things that kept me sane were my silly inquisitive calls to John at Target Optical. He cracks me up!Rosie got a ride to my mom’s house with Lisa Dobbins. I went up in the car with Christine Crossley and Wendy Hall. We had wonderful conversations of hillarity, especially about bad dates and singles wards. I talked with John for a while (my eyes have lost weight!) We got to the cabin around 8:15 and had a delicious potluck dinner. I dined on junk food, gossiped with the ladies, enjoyed the lake view, played some get-to-know-you games, and had a heavenly pedicure.

Morning breakfast and devotional were wonderful. So many wonderful people in the ward, I got to know a few people I didn’t know before. On the way back we stopped at LaBeaus for raspberry shakes and I got some homemade amaretto cherry fudge. Came home with Mandy Erb, Valerie Davidson, and Amy Thelin. And oogled over Kaden (what an adorable child!) I talked a lot about the history leading up to my divorce and a lot of the issues that I have dealt with, including my sleep problems and medication worries. They were very understanding and had some good insight.

When I got back into town, I went out to Justin’s house. We watched “Pirates of the Carribbean.” I hadn’t ever seen it yet, but I definitely enjoyed it….especially Orlando Bloom. (although I’m not too sure about the pencil-thin facial hair) I was so sleepy from two consecutive nights of sleep and I fell asleep a few times, so I will have to watch it again when I’m not so tired. We also took a drive up to Donner Park and had a talk. I am feeling some hesitations about Justin, and he’s having some about me. So we discussed that and we decided to pursue a friendship in lieu of a relationship. I am okay with that. I’m not sure I’m ready to settle down with exclusivity yet either. We decided against seeing the fireworks together, and coming back from his house I missed about half of the fireworks. I was sad.

Ended up having ice cream with John though. We started watching “Ghost” but I was too tired. I need to get back on a good bedtime schedule. I am such a zombie this morning.

Today we get a new bishopric. I need to get ready for church now.

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