So Much to Say

So Much to Say
Wow….I haven’t updated in a few days….and when life is eventful….the posts tend to be clipped short to fit it all in. Here’s the rundown:

Watched the MoTab’s 75th Anniversary Broadcast. I want to be a part of them someday.
Church was excellent. Feeling the spirit more and more each week.
Rosie still in Idaho for Butler Family Reunion. Slight pangs of sadness.

Met Martel and Sharol, Taylor’s uncle and aunt in Sandy. They live right by GG & Pop’s place on Campus Drive. They have beautiful twins, Bailey and Bennett, six weeks old. It was so fun to hold little bebees! And Taylor was dang cute holding them too. Ate some of Sharol’s BTS cake, and I stumbled over trying to make a joke about it (I bet its not as good as mine!) Took some nice pictures from their balcony, and felt very comfortable. (Much more confortable than it EVER was meeting the Perrys)

Took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon, listening to a mix CD Taylor made for me (Including: Hold Me Now, For Once in My Life, Sarah singing Rainbow Connection, and GROWING PAINS theme song!) Drove up to Brighton, watched the clouds float and sun set. Enjoyed each other’s company…it was terribly nice to be together alone. I can’t even count the times he told me how beautiful I am. *sigh*

No concentration at work. Listened to Fumbling Towards Ecstasy on repeat.

After work, ran to pick up a pizza for dinner and Rosie. Taylor came over to have dinner and work on my computer while I got ready for the concert. Chatted with Tonya about wedding plans….funny how I was a little jealous of her. She took some pics of us on my digital camera, but unfortunately they didn’t come out very clear. I vamped up my hair with some big sexy curls (which I don’t think I’ve done in months and months) Taylor said I looked great, but he likes me with my hair straight better.

We got to the E-Center with enough time to hit up the radio station drawings. I ran into Jorge from work with his wife, they looked almost as happy to be there as Tay and I. We were in section 103, which was just a few feet left of the stage, and we were in the center of row 13. EXCELLENT seats…worth the $150 I forked out for them. Butterfly Boucher was the opening act, who also opened for BNL. She is very cool, need to download “Little White Dash.”

As for Sarah….words cannot describe how incredible the show was. She opened with “Fallen.” The stage was very cool….almost a fantasy/LOTR landscapey thing going on. We were close enough to the stage to check out her facial expressions, but we were very very close to the video screen, so nothing was left up to the imagination. Her set list was amazing…the WHOLE Afterglow album, most of Surfacing and Fumbling, and a few early songs I didn’t recognize. She even did a little “You are my Sunshine,” and Blackbird. I could go on and on for hours about how amazing it was, if you want the full rundown….contact me!

I ended up buying her postcard set, and a poster of Afterglow. It was pouring rain as we went out to the car. Traffic wasn’t too terrible to get out and get home. When we pulled up to my house, Taylor said how he wished the night didn’t have to end there. He walked me to my door, and realized that he hadn’t put my computer back together. So he came in, and he joked “You know, we’re going to have to put my computer at this desk!” And from then on out, or conversation had a very positive spin towards the future. He didn’t propose, but he said that nothing could make him happier than the thought of me being his wife. And once that topic is mentioned, it’s hard not to fanasize about what that would be like. This should be an interesting next few months. We stayed up talking until 3 am, and I didn’t want the night to end.

Work was a bugger, having only 3.5 hours of sleep. Team meeting was okay, found out I’ll be shortly moving cubicles again. *ick*
Went to Enrichment night, Preparedness night. Tried freeze dried refried beans and other lovely food storage creations.
Had a very very nice phone convo with Taylor, reminiscing of the previous night. Didn’t want to use up all of his minutes on his phone, so we IM’d for a while as he did homework and I made a child support spreadsheet. Steve owes me $300, but there’s still the inheritance issue. Ohhh….I can’t wait until he gives up on getting his money back. Grrrr

Nothing too exciting, other than talking to Taylor a few times. He called me at work, and my coworkers joked about me saying “I love you too,” at the end of the conversation.
Picked up some CDs at the library to burn, almost done, then heading home to bed

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