What a Weekend!

I don’t think I can give a detailed account of the workings of this weekend…I got home at 6 am and am running on an hour of sleep. Here’s the short version….

Church was excellent. Fast and Testimony Meeting, SS Lession on Ammon, and RS Lesson on Standing in Holy Places. The ward RS theme for the rest of the year is focused on feeling the love of Christ in our daily lives. The three part goal is:

Daily Personal Prayer
Daily Scripture Study
Standing in Holy Places

Sunday afternoon I had a family party at Grant and Hollie’s…and I brought along a cute boy. Taylor and I had originally planned to attend a fireside, but when I heard about the barbeque, I jokingly asked if he would be interested….and he was! I was fully aware of the possible scandal talk that would ensue, but if there’s any guy I know that I would take home to my family….Taylor is on the short list. We’ve only been out twice I think, and that was back in April. But he seemed to fit in with my family….almost too comfortably. When he put his arm around my shoulders, everyone’s eyebrows raised. Hehehe. It was a fun dinner, I love having Taylor there and was sad that he could only stay two hours. He asked me out for Saturday. I’m excited *squeee!*

Went out to breakfast with Steve. Strawberry stuffed french toast at IHOP. “Shut up, Honey!” We also played around with his guitar at his place, and I talked about how I wanted to buy a bass. We ended up pawn shop hopping, looking at basses. I was really tempted by a purple Ibanez, only $89. But it needed new strings. I still don’t know if I can rationalize the purchase. But it was a very fun morning. Earlier in the week we’d had a talk about how he wanted to still hang out with me, but not on dates. Funny that I felt more sparks with him in the three or so hours we were together today than I had in months. Still suprised that he kissed me goodbye. Five months of friendship…and now this twist of fate. Time to contemplate this situation.

Went to Idaho with Dave. ROADTRIP!!! Good music, good conversation, good scenery. We talked a lot about our divorces and how we’ve coped. I cried listening to Matchbox Twenty with so many feelings close to the surface. I will do a MB20 post soon. We were going to eat at Big Jud’s, but I got lost on the highway and couldn’t find it. I ended up giving Dave a tour of BYU-Idaho. The Spori’s all done now, and so is the Hinckley Building. And the hill is just splattered with married student housing. We ate at Gringos, soooo yummy. (and so many memories there!) We drove into IF, relaxed at Freeman Park by the river. Took a nice nap in the sun, and have a surburn to prove it. Texted Steve a little bit…it was wierd because part of me wanted to be with him. But Dave was a fun date. Fireworks were incredible!! 30 minutes of pure pyromaniacal splendor.

Traffic wasn’t too terrible, but we were so tired that both of us had a hard time staying awake. Took turns driving, but it was a fight to stay on the road. Got to his apartment about 3 am…I crashed on his couch for a while to muster up some strength to drive home from Layton. Arrived in my bed just around 6 am. One hour of sleep. ZZZZZZZZ

CIF and Credits, and Krystal Training. IDX was down for a while, so the team got to eat lunch together. Gave Karen the run-down on my weekend adventures.
Fought the sleepies all day long, but never fell asleep
Texted Kirk a bit. He’s a hoot! Calls me the “amatuer”
Just finishing up this not-so-compact LJ. Time to get ready to see Bishop Peterson. I’m nervous.

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