Living in and lovin’ Cali!

So, if you didn’t figure it out…I kinda gave up on livejournal and picked up Myspace instead. Considering I only knew about 5 people on LJ, and 50 on Myspace…I changed my mind. I have some pics and post bulletins occasionally, so that’s a better way to keep tabs on me.

Also, I’ve been in CA for two weeks. I’m living in La Verne, and I’m working at City of Hope Cancer Center in Cytogenetics. Taylor will be doing an accelerated flight program, and should be flight instructing (and making money) this fall. Words can’t describe how happy this makes me. 🙂

Rosie’s doing great, just graduated from preschool and can’t wait to live in “CANNIFORNIA.” We want to finally get her into modeling and commercials, so we are going to look at agencies this summer. Also, Steve gave consent for Taylor to adopt Rosie, so she should be Rosalind Bullock by mid-July.

So that what’s up. Check me out on myspace.

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