500th Post!

I am excited to report that I’ve been blogging continuously for nearly 5 years (my bloggiversary is June 8th, 2004) For those who haven’t known me very long, or just recently found my blog, here’s a list of blog highlights for your viewing pleasure:

6/14/04 – The first time I blogged about my sleep problems (Yep, almost 5 years ago)
6/24/04 – Getting to know me, 2004 style
6/27/04 – Some depressing poetry after a bad breakup
7/7/04 – When the tides turned with Taylor on the 4th of July
7/11/04 – My last date with someone else, and my first kiss with Taylor
7/14/04 – The first email I got from Taylor, and rundown of our first dates
8/31/04 – Taylor’s proposal, and meeting his parents
10/25/04 – The wedding and honeymoon to California
6/4/06 – Why I love living in California
4/15/07 – My visit to Florida to see Taylor at Jet University
6/16/07 – All the concerts I’d attended up to 2007
9/13/07 – Ode to Rosie on her 7th Birthday
11/9/07 – My first trip to Detroit Michigan
11/16/07 – 6 Odd Facts about Me
11/16/07 – Ode to Ramblin’ Rod
11/27/07 – Taylor’s Birdstrike
11/23/07 – My last Christmas at my home in Murray, UT
1/13/08 – My dad’s car accident that nearly took his life
1/22/08 – A list of over 11,000 Miles I traveled in the US in one month
1/30/08 – My semi-famous gooey banana bread pudding recipe
2/14/08 – Pics of my dad’s crash
2/24/08 – One of my favorite trips to California
3/2/08 – Adventures in teaching primary
3/10/08 – An impromptu trip to New England
3/12/08 – My personality type – ENFP
4/13/08 – When Michigan started getting me down
5/6/08 – On a day I wish I were medicated
8/10/08 – My 10 Year High School Reunion
9/20/08 – Rosie’s Baptism
10/2/08 – Ode to Clint
10/4/08 – The story of Taylor and I – 4th year anniversary edition
10/19/08 – Our family trip to Hell (MI)
10/29/08 – Rosie and I at the NKOTB Concert
11/14/08 – Why my blog will not go private
11/22/08 – A Twilight Girls Night Out
11/27/08 – My Quest to find Pirates of Penzance on DVD
12/2/08 – Technology Decade
12/5/08 – The Importance of December 5th
12/15/08 – The Top Twelves of 2008
1/1/09 – 2008 Year in Review and my Life Soundtrack
1/11/09 – One Year Since the Gaping Jaws of Death
1/22/09 – Pilot Wife Resources
1/15/09 – My Memphis Valentine
2/28/09 – Missy Higgins, et al
3/1/09 – My choral life
3/20/09 – NKOTB Photo Megapost
3/30/09 – Return to me
4/5/09 – Pilot Wives Club Chicago Meet-up: Oh, What a Night!

And there you have it! My favorite and best blog posts of the last 5 years and 500 posts! Which ones are your favorite?


    congrats on post 5oo! i haven’t been following very long.
    so it was fun to see a lot of back posts!

  • Elsja

    Holy Moly! I have a lot to catch up on I suppose 🙂 Congrats on 5 years 🙂

  • KC Mom

    That is such an accomplishment!! Congrats! Think of all the journaling you’ve accomplished in 5 years. I like how you’ve condensed it all in a post too!

  • Lori

    500 that’s a lot. I am trying to make it to 150 by my 1 year anniversary. I think I can make it:-)

  • Hizzeather

    Cool post! It’s fun to read your super old entries!

  • Lori

    Oh, you asked for my favorite post, I would have to say your last one for ’08, after all it is about when we actually met in real life (IRL).

  • Janelle

    That is an awesome post, I loved it! Congrats on 500 posts!

  • Coral_Jolee

    Wow 500 in 5 years! That is alot of journaling. I can barely keep up on my email messages, let alone taking the time out to journal.

    I just wanted to say Congratulations, and I am excited for the next 5 years!
    Coral Jolee

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