I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my online life was taking up way too much of my time. Instead of doing important things around the house, I was reading blogs or chatting on Facebook. My energy level has taken a dip, and I just can’t keep up with everything anymore. I have a lot of online friends that I love, and will miss the level of involvement I’ve previously had…but for now I need some time on the sidelines. I need to spend more time on my health…exercising my body instead of just typing. Sitting and enjoying meals instead of snacking at my laptop. Going to bed at a decent hour instead of chatting so late I had to prop my eyelids open. In one phrase: it’s time to simplify.

Fret not if a week or two goes by without a post. It means I’m spending time with my family, or exercising, or getting the rest I need. I’m sure I’ll eventually be back to blogging on a consistent basis.

As Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band say:

Well I say what the hey
I got bills to pay
I work all day I got no time to play
And once more knockin’ on my door is a tax collector
And I’m going see,
There’s too many bills
Too many pills
To many features and too many frills
No money
Too many things to buy
Too many ways to split the pie,

I got to simplify

I got to smell the flowers
Enjoy the ride
I got open up my eyes
And see what’s outside
All the things I miss each day
‘Cause I’m drivin in the fast lane
And it’s makin’ me insane
And I don’t wanna be that way
I wanna be free today
From the responsibilities it brings

Excess distress
I got to enjoy more
And stress less

I got to simplify
I got to simplify
My life I say simplify
I got to simplify

Well that’s great, I’m late
‘Cause I’m always in a hurry for a meeting in the state of confusion
A delusion
An illusion
I’m takin’ much too far
I’m always livin in the future or the past
Time flies to fast
I got to make it last
So enjoy it
Relax, chill out
Just give it a try

I say simplify
I got to simplify
My life I say simplify
I got to got to got to

(PS I still plan to post about the ATL PWC meetup, I just haven’t had a chance yet)

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