20 Things I Didn’t Expect This Decade

1. I didn’t expect to find out I was pregnant at 19 (at least I was married!)
2. I didn’t expect to have complications with Rosie’s delivery, which left me on life support for 3 weeks.

3. I didn’t expect to get divorced
4. I didn’t expect my ex-husband to go to prison

5. I didn’t expect to meet my (2nd) husband on the internet. Thanks
LDSmingle.com !
6. I didn’t expect to attend 4 different college and STILL not be done with my bachelor degree

7. I didn’t expect to own so many cars

8. I didn’t expect to “go under the knife,” but I’m glad I did

9. I didn’t expect to live in 4 different states (Utah, California, Michigan, Georgia)

10. I didn’t expect to develop sleep apnea or PCOS

11. I didn’t expect to go into so much student loan debt

12. I didn’t expect to develop a love affair with all things BBQ

13. I didn’t expect to be in a hurricane

14. I didn’t expect to fly on an airplane so much

15. I didn’t expect my dad‘s leg to be amputated
after a horrible car crash
16. I didn’t expect to own so many tech devices

17. I didn’t expect so many gray hairs so young

18. I didn’t expect 80’s Pop Culture to come back with such a vengeance

19. I didn’t expect to go to so many concerts

20. I didn’t expect to become a Diet Coke-aholic

P.S. What exactly has this decade been dubbed? The “Noughties?” The “Aughts?” The “Tenties?” The “Milennial Decade?”


    I have been reading your blog for a while now.. i have learned a lot about you.. but #4 was a little shock.. something i didn't know.

  • elsja

    I love reading this… so interesting.

  • Gina

    I appreciate your candidness.

    This is my second marriage, too.

    The last decade has been a blur for me: three children born, one miscarriage, post partum depression, 4 moves, deaths of beloved grandparents. I think I went numb.

    I'm ready to feel life, again.

    Here's to the next decade and the ability to handle anything that comes our way with faith, style, and class!

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