Anonymous Compliments

Okay. I admit it. I sometimes fish for compliments. One of my favorite ego-boosting activities is as follows: Everyone in the room writes their name at the top of a blank sheet of paper, and passes it around the room for others to write an anonymous compliment. I’ve done it at choir retreats, during seminary classes, and even done it with my Activity Days girls in ATL. Another admission? I keep every single one. I read them when I have a bad day. Of course, some of them are pretty obvious by handwriting or context of message, but there are a few I’ve never figured out who the comments are from. Some are less compliments and more funny comments and inside jokes. Here are some of the highlights of what people said about/to me 1996-1998:

I love sitting by you in choir. I can actually stay on pitch…sort of. You’re awesome.

You’ve got gorgeous hair and I’m glad that I sit behind you so I can play with it.

You are really talented in acting. You should keep doing what you do. See you on Broadway.

You are so cool. I love your style. You seem to know who you are, and I admire that.

I am not trying to steal your boyfriend. You’re a good singer.

Your personality is great, and you give all the people in the room a positive feeling.

You are very intelligent and have phenomenal taste in music. Can I borrow some CDs?

Talent is prevalent where you are. I can’t believe how special you are.

I never really knew you until this year, but I like what I see. Wanna go out? Oh wait, this is anonymous. How about a blind date?

Your hair clip matches perfectly to the twinkle in your eye. Blue eyes, black hair. HOT.

You’re always cheerful and a big SPAZ! I love to talk w/you Nicole. Altos be buff!

What an awesome friend. I’m really glad to know you. You have an awesome sense of humor and you make me shout WHOOPIE! See you at your wedding 2 weeks after we graduate.

You are so hilarious. You are so boy crazy. I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I’m with you.

Nickie – you maneater! Use ’em and lose ’em. You are so fun to be around with. I can’t see what I would do without you to keep my spirits up. Oh yeah, I’d drink more Mtn. Dew.

You’re a babe, through and through. Thanks for the compliments and smiles. I’m a better person because I know you. How on earth can you be so nice to everyone all the time?

You always write the coolest quotes in your dayplanner. I like to steal it and look through your pictures. I’m glad we’re in seminary together, cuz you’re more than just a “sweet spirit” to me.

Your boyfriend is a VERY LUCKY guy. Can I date you next?

And my absolute favorite, written much like every yearbook entry he wrote to me…always something about making out with his friend (visible in the above image is from this guy)

Nicole – You should go for Joey. He’s a stud + very available. Ask him out on a date. He’ll love you cuz you’re a babe! Make out with him and tell me how it goes.

(If I’ve tagged you on Facebook, it means that I’m certain one of these quotes is from you. Do you remember what you said about me?)

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