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End Experiment

I got an idea of what I was looking for in Google Analytics. Now you can stalk me to your heart’s content in full mode from the privacy of your Reader page.Have you read my feature on Pilot Wives Club yet? View my page on Pilot Wives Club

An Experiment

For all of those who have me in your Google reader…I’m curious how many people subscribe because I’m constantly finding about people stalking my blog in locations that never show up on my Sitemeter. For a while I’m going to post my blog in “short mode” and will only put the juicy details of my […]

Another blog button to choose from

Here’s my retro blog button….also eligible for my contest. If the image doesn’t fit well into your sidebar or footer, click “shrink to fit”.

Blog Button Contest

Here’s my first attempt at a blog button. Copy and paste the code and add me to your blog sidebar. Do I think I could ever do this again? Maybe in the wee small hours of the morning when I had another creative explosion. If you add me to your blog, please comment. You’ll be […]

Meeting Blogger Friends: Brittany

This is just my lucky week in meeting blogger friends! Brittany and I have been emailing for several months, as soon as she found my blog and knew I was moving to Atlanta. She lives down in Peachtree City, which isn’t the closest place to Decatur (she told me she was secretly hoping I’d move […]

Meeting Blogger Friends: Lori

Call me crazy, but I’ve never been one to shy away from meeting a new online friend. I’m gutsy and trusting, and I’ve made some amazing friends just by taking a chance. Heck, I met my husband from the internet! Last week in Cali, I tried to meet up with Hizzeather, but it wasn’t in […]

New Layout

I spent my early Christmas Morning insomnia formatting my new blog layout. I struggled through Photoshop Elements (PSE) to make my own header. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, and I wasn’t satisfied with my first draft (the image in this post, click on it for detail) I spent a little more time and […]

Hop on The BlogFrog Bandwagon

I’ve mentioned before in posts that I follow a mad number of blogs. I just counted who I follow this morning, and it’s over 190. No wonder I waste so much time on my computer! I love my e-BFFs! For those who are wanting to connect to other bloggers, BlogFrog is a great site to […]

NOT going private…

I’ve been following many blogs of people that I’m only slightly acquainted with. Maybe we went to high school, maybe we went to a common party, maybe we commented on the same blog and I laughed so hard I had to “stalk” your blog. I’ve been amazed at the recent influx of privatizing blogs. There […]