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Today I hit 5000 unique visitors on my blog for 2008. Lately, I’ve been checking my sitemeter traffic on a daily basis. It’s been interesting to see how people find my blog through Google. Today someone searched “pilot in airplane with brown curl hair about age 20” and got me. I have people from Olmstead […]

Award Winning Blogger

PartnerofaPilot nominated me for a Brillante award, which is a glorified hoax-ish chain email thing. Part of the deal for me to accept this award is for me to nominate at least 7 other blogs that I love for the award. Since I actively follow close to 100 blogs (thank goodness for Google Reader!) this […]

Dear Google Reader… Where have you been all my bloggin’ life? You’re my new best online friend. It’s SO much easier to keep up on my 340,238,123ish blogs that I love?How on earth did I not find out about you until mid-2008? Your now đŸ˜‰Nicole


Since I started using Sitemeter in January after my dad’s accident, I’ve had 1500 unique user hits on my blog. That’s freakin’ rad, isn’t it? Hooray! Unfortunately, I’ve only had about 15 comments (one in 100?). I hereby declare that I will not post another blog until I get 5 comments on this post. I […]

Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

This evening, I decided to update all the blog links and widgets on my site. I successfully added everything I wanted, and decided to be adventurous with a cool background. I found a template I liked on Pyzam, and uploaded the template onto Blogger. Unfortunately, I didn’t back up all my HTML and widgets…and lost […]

Historical Blogging

My ldsmingle.com profile pic that Taylor fell in love with… At the request of a few of my LONGTIME blog readers (as in, those who read my original citrusfruit blog and livejournals) I will be going through my archives and updating this site with my whole bloggin’ history. You’ll see the history of my courtship […]

How geeked out am I?

I just registered my own domain name…. www.cuteculturechick.com ! If you try to access it through the Blogspot address, it’ll still work. But this addy is a lot easier for people to remember. I figured as an international blogging rockstar, I should fork out the $10 to show up on Google.

Pilot Wife Resorces

Support Groups (for when the pilot is away) Pilot Wives Club Jet Girls Wives and Girlfriends of Pilots Facebook Group Pilot Wife (and girlfriend) Blogs http://partnerofapilot.wordpress.com/ – Partner of a Pilot http://ohthelifeofapilotswife.blogspot.com – Oh the Life of a Pilot’s Wife http://se-impressions.blogspot.com/ – SE Impressions http://aviationfamilyinak.blogspot.com/ – Musings of a Pilot’s Wife http://imapilotswife.blogspot.com/ – Musings of […]

My First Blog Post

Well, I’m not sure if anyone will be interested in what I have to say, but blogging looks like a way I could do some kind of online journal. Feel free to comment… My Loves: Dr.Seuss, Jelly Belly Beans, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Mormon romance novels, Oregon, 2002 Olympic pins and charms, bargain shopping […]