Happy Birthday Jacob!

Happy 21st birthday to my awesome brother Jacob. We’ve become really close the past year (a cross-country road trip can do that do you!) and it’s always a joy to spend time with him. I’m proud of all he’s accomplished in the face of much adversity. One of these days we’ll go to Europe together!!!

What a difference a year makes…

This blog is dedicated to my awesome brother Jacob. He’s made so many good changes in his life this year, and is happier, healthier, and more successful than he’s been in a long time. He’s risen to the occasion and bettered his life. He’s freaking out about getting an A- in his Chemistry class, when he used to flunk classes like nobody’s business. The top picture was taken when he was druggy sickly last Christmas . The next picture was taken during his darkest days of 2007. The next two were during the summer as he was cleaning up his life, and the bottom one was this week on Christmas eve. He looks healthier than ever. I’m proud of my brother, and am excited to roadtrip to Michigan with him this week!

Geez…What a Life!

Just a quick update:

Getting married Friday October 8. Sealing is at Mt Timpanogas Temple at 1:00, Reception at 6:30 in Murray. If you didn’t get an invite and want to come…let me know.

Steve was arrested and put in jail. His family put up money to bail him out (The bail was set at $150k)

Rosie is doing better, but still quite sensitive in most aspects. She’s excited to have Taylor be a part of our family.

My brother Jacob suffered a head injury. He is in the ICU at LDS Hospital currently, with a baseline fracture of the skull and subdural hematoma. Last CT scan looks okay, very little bleeding at this point. He will recover, but I just got back from the hospital and he was really sedated. He is so sad he’ll miss the wedding. It will be sad to not have Jacob there. Keep him in your prayers!