2008 Year in Review

I will not lie. 2008 was probably the most difficult of my life, right up there with 2003 (when my ex-husband went psychotic and we got divorced). To save you from reading my 249 blog entries of 2008, I have prepared my longest blog post ever to truncate the insanity of the year. Here’s the […]

Boxing Day

I’m back from all my travels on the west coast, and arrived back in Detroit yesterday. Today I went around looking for boxes, and packed with my friends, Debi, Sue, Pat, and Lisa. Rosie’s room is about half-full with neatly-packed and labeled boxes. I’ve been going-going-going since 6 am, and now I’m going to take […]

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A pilot widow week

This morning Taylor left for Memphis for CAT-II training. He’ll overnight there, and then fly up to Montreal for 4 days of simulator bliss. He will be at the Bombardier Headquarters, and apparently its a pretty nice place to train. Unfortunately, that means we’re going to go 4 days without talking on the phone. I’ve […]


In case you didn’t hear Taylor’s “leak” on Facebook earlier this week, the Bullock family is gearing up for another life change. We’ve been living in Michigan since January, and come January 2009 (or sooner!) we’ll be moving to Atlanta, GA. He’ll still be flying for the same company, but under new colors (which will […]

The Cost of Relocation

When Taylor and I decided to relocate to Michigan, we though that in addition to finally living together again, we would be saving a lot of money. This is what we’ve seen so far I started out by pricing out moving trucks and storage units. Taylor started looking for apartments. We price-shopped, and figured that […]

Murray Christmas!

Greetings from Murray! After a crazy year of being across the country from my husband, and a crazy month of packing, planning, and moving…it feels so good to be “home” in Murray!There’s no way I could have gotten through this insane week of moving without Eleanor, Debbie, Jake, Mary, Lizzie, Andrea, Brett, Anastasia, the Elders, […]


If anyone out in cyberspace that reads my blog, and is in the vicinity of La Verne….HELP! I have tonight and tomorrow to pack up my house. The truck comes Thursday at 7 am, so it’s crunch time! If you have some free time tonight or tomorrow…call me asap. I’m freaking out! I’m running out […]

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Little by little

This weekend Taylor came home for a day and a half to help us pack up the house. We got about 20 boxes squared away, and went through the junk in the shed. We still have a long way to go, but I’m not quite as stressed as before. Thanks for asking.

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