My 2013 CRV Honda Test Drive

As mentioned in some previous posts, I was selected by Ken Garff Honda of Orem to test drive a 2013 Honda CRV for a bloggers promotion called the Honda Test Drive (or #HondaTestDrive on social media). I’ve been a Honda fan for my whole life. My parents owned Honda vehicles all through my life. They […]

My Ride This Week: 2013 Honda CRV #HondaTestDrive

I’m a car junkie, and I especially love Honda vehicles.This week I’m driving a brand new 2013 Honda CRV…how cool is that? Honda of Orem selected me as one of the local bloggers to participate in the #HondaTestDrive. I’m reviewing and sharing my experiences driving a top-of-the-line 2013 AWD Honda CRV EX L. It’s the […]

The Damage

I had a hard time getting a shot that accurately shows the damage. The headlight and grill is displaced about 6 inches, and the side headlight fell off (I stuck it back on for the picture) The bumper is amazingly completely intact, and only slightly scratched. The hood peaks up about 4 inches. It could […]

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Picked up the paper, it was more bad news…

Now that I have a bit of time to blog, I’ll give you the gory details on my last 24 hours. I got to the sleep center at 8:30, registered, filled out questionnaires, and told the sleep tech that I’d like to get to bed around 10:30. She said that it wasn’t likely, but she’d […]

WALL-E and BBs

Today started out so great..slept in with Taylor, ate some yummy french toast for breakfast, watched a beautiful rainstorm, and then saw WALL-E with Rosie, Taylor, Mike, and Erin. As we walked out to the car after the flick, I noticed seven bullet holes in the side of Taylor’s Civic!!! I just came back inside […]

Requiem for the Silver Bullet…a.k.a. Taylor’s Lament

Last week, we decided to take Taylor’s ’97 Accord, the Silver Bullet, into the shop for a tune-up. It has been running rough for a few months, and was starting to be super noisy on the freeway. On Wednesday, Taylor got the word from the repair shop, saying that it would be approximately $7000 to […]