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To SLC, or not to SLC

…that is the question. I’ve got a 3-day weekend for work, and there’s a lot going on in SLC. My friend Nicole’s wedding, my friend Antoinette’s party, seeing my parents’ new home in Lehi, my sister will be down from Rexburg, etc. Unfortunately, to make it to the wedding and party, I’d have to work […]

Non-Rev Roulette

I decided on a new term for the luck required in flying non-rev…Non-Rev Roulette. I coined the term while punching in a Twitter message about crossing my fingers about getting a seat from SLC to LAX on Monday night. There had been a lot of weather delays through the day, and the airline had reassigned […]

Oregon Travelogue

Saturday, the three of us arose early to get ready to leave for the airport. My visiting teacher Sue drove us to DTW bright and early. We ate a quick breakfast at the airport, and got boarding passes without too much trouble. Rosie and I flew towards Portland (flying Northwest via Northwest) and Taylor flew […]

What to pack?

Earlier this month, I posted about my intended gypsy lifestyle for the remainder of the month. I will be leaving Detroit today, and will not return until December 28/29, depending on flight loads. Above is a picture of (a new version of my) trusty silver suitcase. It has traveled with me for over 40,000 flight […]

Gypsy Lifestyle

Yesterday at work, I let my boss know that my last day would be December 12th (instead of the 19th, which I’d told her in October). I still don’t have a firm job offer, but there’s too much going on this month to be focused at work. I decided that I want to do some […]

Oh, Atlanta

A few people have asked how our Atlanta trip went. It was really fun to travel and enjoy a child-less trip. It was the first time we’d been on a passenger flight together, without Rosie, since our honeymoon. We touched down in Atlanta around 9 am, deplaned at 9:45, and got to our rental car […]

Checking in from ATL

This weekend, Taylor and I have been in Atlanta. He starts training for his new plane on Monday. When we boarded the half-empty plane on Friday, we looked at each other with a cock-eyed face. We realized this was the first flight we’d taken, just the two of us, since our honeymoon. For a couple […]

Back in Detroit

I just got home from SLC. I didn’t ever think I could be so relieved to be in Detroit. I think I might give up on non-revving to SLC for a while. Rosie and I got on the 7:24 am direct flight, and through the kindness of a few passengers, Rosie and I got to […]

Non-Revving Nightmare

I’ve had a lovely weekend in SLC, and stories and pictures will be posted soon. However, I just need to vent a moment on the “perk” of non-rev travel. I enjoy the freedom to travel much more often than I regularly would (although if my husband was not a pilot, I would not be living […]

Just the two of us…

This week we flew to SLC for Taylor’s grandfather’s funeral. Despite the sad circumstances for the trip, it was really nice to spend three days with Taylor. We even got on the direct DTW-SLC flights with no hassles. One of the evenings we went out for a night on the town. My parents now live […]