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Two Cool Trips

I’ve been behind in my blogging for a while! I’ve been on two awesome trips in the last week and a half, which I need to give the run d0wn in case I otherwise don’t blog about it. California: I flew out of DTW Friday evening. The flight loads were pretty iffy, but a three […]

It’s Over…mostly

I just submitted my term paper and attachments for my final for my critical writing and reasoning class. I had until midnight MST, but I’ve been up since 4 am working on it (as I have been 5 out of the last 7 days). I’m exhausted, I’ve got the minimum length…and I just can’t THINK […]

I’m actually okay…kinda

After posting that last post, I realized that 3 of the 4 prior posts were terribly negative. I’m really not that bad off. I still have $6.27 in my bank account, some groceries that haven’t expired, and a husband that’s coming home from a trip three-day trip tonight. Over the last 5 months, I’ve gotten […]

Did you miss me?

View from First Class of a new Embraer 175 Hello loyal blog readers… Can you believe it? No post in 4 days? It’s unheard of! Saying I was “busy” in Utah is an understatement, but here is the review of my trip. You be the judge. Wednesday: Visit with dad at Aspen Ridge Drive up […]

Just Got In…

After 3 flight bumps in Detroit, Rosie and I made it in time for the 2:50 PM connecting flight in Minneapolis to SLC. Unfortunately, our plane had 6 hours of maintenance issues in La Crosse, WI, and didn’t arrive till 7:00 PM. We arrived in SLC at 9:00, Emily picked us up, we swung by […]

Weekend in New England

This weekend, Rosie and I took a celebratory trip to New England in response to my job offer. I wanted to catch a few Elipsus shows, see the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We flew into Providence Friday, scurried around Mass and CT Saturday, and flew back to Detroit on Sunday […]

And might I add…

Only eight more days till my St. Patrick’s Day trip to Boston with Cola! I’m excited! However, I actually might find myself in the Boston area briefly on Saturday. Rosie and I are thinking about a quick trip to New England to enjoy a few Elipsus performances. We’d fly into Providence after school Friday, catch […]

I hereby declare…

…that I am sick of airplane travel! I’ve flown nearly 20,000 miles in two months…all on standby. You know it’s bad when you know every drink they serve, what foods are in each color snack box, the FAA regulations, the TSA regulations, and how to navigate at least 5 airport terminals like the back of […]

Ah, how quickly things change…

I did a little more searching, and found a weekly rate on a rental for $120, tax included. This is much better than $140 for 4 days. Taylor and Rosie will again plan to visit on Friday, and I’ll take the evening flight to LAX tomorrow. If my leg hurts at Disneyland or the airport….FREE […]

Time Zone Tango

I’m feeling really jet-lagged…I’ve been in 4 time zones in 4 days. I’ve been having insomnia issues since dad’s accident, and multiple flights haven’t helped regularize me. I was lucky enough to get on both flights I’d listed on, arriving in SLC a little after 11 PM. I napped a little on the plane, but […]