Summer Eats

This summer I have been totally hooked on popcicles! I eat 1-3 of them a day. I can’t get enough. I am partial to the Dreyer’s Creamy Coconut bar…but the Meadow Gold root beer float bar is a close second! When neighbors say, “I’ve got zucchini coming out my ears,” I’m happy to take it […]

Two Urban Licks

Tonight was my monthly Girls Night Out with some of my friends. This month’s dinner was at a yummy place called Two Urban Licks. When you arrive at the restaurant, you think you’re at the wrong place. You valet park on a loading dock after driving through a very sketchy back alley parking lot. Once […]

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I Blew It!

Today started out with the best of intentions. I had my favorite meal replacement bar (Oh Yeah Creamy Vanilla and Caramel) for breakfast, then worked out. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up Rosie’s medicine, and as I waited for it to be filled I was smack dab in front of the Easter […]

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Who blogged this recipe?

Somebody, and I can’t remember who, recently mentioned in their blog how delicious it was to make sugar-free black cherry jello with diet ginger ale….and how it has a slight cola taste to it when prepared. I tried it out, and I’m hooked! It’s so tasty! And it’s one of those unlimited/anytime snacks I can […]

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Breakfast of Champions

Tonight we had Chick-fil-A for dinner to use up our free sandwich coupons from the CFA calendar. I love the signage that CFA uses, and this was my favorite sign of the day: Try a Coca-Cola Zero with your Breakfast Meal. I laughed because when I DO have a breakfast meal, I typically choose Coke […]

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Why I Love Chick-fil-A

One of the unimportant, but beneficial nonetheless, deciding factors of me moving to Atlanta was access to the foods, restaurants and stores I love. Trader Joes…check! El Pollo Loco…check! IKEA…check! Ulta…check! Torrid…check! I was happy to discover that there are 76 locations of Chick-fil-A in the Atlanta Metro area. I’ve mentioned it here in there […]

I need a new drug

Lately, my addiction and craving has been for all things pomegranate. I’ve loved the fruit for years, but really got hooked on it in California. I have been happy that so many companies are hopping on the Pom bandwagon, and introducing delicious pom products. I love the Crystal Light Immunity cherry pomegranate single-serving mix-ins. I […]

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The other day, Taylor was asked to pick something up at the store on the way back from ready reserve. He saw a Walmart off the highway and pulled off. Much to his surprise, there was an El Pollo Loco there! I thought that there were only EPL’s in California, and a few other scattered […]

Pizza Wisdom

I was reading a blog this morning that seemed to be reading my mind. I’ll admit it. I LOVE good pizza. I’ll eat mediocre pizza, but I am a cheese pizza purist. I’ve never liked pepperoni. My husband loves pepperoni, and so does my daughter. I will eat and enjoy veggies on my pizza, I […]

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