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A Jumble of Thoughts

– We decided to have Rosie’s baptism in Utah. I had been convinced about California, then realized that a 2-day car rental at LAX would be $108 with tax. I can borrow my dad’s car in SLC, and my aunt offered her home for a potluck afterwards. Taylor will have to fly in the morning […]

Celebratory Meal

And how does the Bullock family celebrate a great and positive interview experience? With Turkey O’Toole’s and Balloon Hats at Bennigans!

Slurp and Swallow

I just got off the phone with David. He was in much better spirits than yesterday. He finally passed the swallow test…he can have thick liquids, like yogurt, pudding and pureed foods…but not thin liquids like milk and water. He celebrated with a chocolate milkshake. He said the hospital shake was pretty mediocre, but he […]

What you Crave…White Castle

In Michigan and other parts of the eastern US, White Castle Burger has a cult following. Their tagline is ‘What you Crave.’ Their square burgers are about 2×2 inches, and come packaged in these cute cardboard boxes.Coming from California, I have to say that White Castle doesn’t lay a finger on how good a Double-Double […]