The MHS reunion was a lot of things to me: a lot of nostalgia, a lot of stress, a lot of preparation, a lot of rekindled connections, and despite so many familiar faces, I realized that a lot had changed. Since Taylor was out on a 4-day trip, most of my time was spent with my oldest and closest MHS friend Emily. I spend most of my time for the picnic and reception going around in circles, striking up conversations, making sure there were enough drinks, figuring out money, and planning a last-minute game. I ran into old crushes, old classmates, and old friends. Most people were as kind and genial as I remembered them, with big smiles and warm hugs. Some groups of friends were as tightly exclusive as they were 10 years ago, and wouldn’t let me into their conversations, just like 10 years ago. I saw people that started rumors about me, people who I secretly hero-worshiped, people I sang in choir with, people who I’d been in clubs with, people who edged me out for roles in drama productions, people who I’d done class projects with, people who I went to dances with, and people who I wrote intricately folded-up notes to. Some had lost their hair, some had lost weight, some looked exactly the same, some were divorced, some were still at home, some had traveled to exotic parts of the world. The school we celebrated at held the same name as my diploma, but the school had an “extreme makeover” over the last decade, and only was familiar through a Spartan statue and orange and black insignia.

I wish that I had been better at delegating tasks, and hadn’t waited so long to send out invitations. I wish I would have stressed the day less, and enjoyed the festivities more. I left the reunion feeling sad that I hadn’t said more than a brief greeting to several people that I’d been looking forward to seeing. And I wish I would have taken more pictures.

But now it’s over, and the responsibility is out of my hands. It seemed to me that those who participated had a good time. We didn’t lose money on the reunion, and have a little extra for the next one. If in 10 years you hear me volunteering to coordinate the reunion again…stop me! LOL.

This weekend Taylor got an invitation to his 10 year reunion in the mail. It’s $87 per person! Makes my $20 reunion seem like a steal. I honestly doubt we’ll attend it.


The MHS Reunion is over. I am so relieved. Details will follow.

Feelin’ Ranty

I’ve just been in a bummer mood today. My weekend started out good, going out with Mike and Erin last night. I woke up this morning and went to the RS humanitarian project where I sewed baby sleeper gowns. But when I got home…it was homework time. I know I’ve got less than two weeks to go this semester, and it’s stressing me out bigtime. I’m neck-deep into my critical writing class, and I’m way too critical of my own writing. So after I finished the assignment I was on, I decided to go to the gym. I went on the eliptical for 30 minutes, and after six weeks of “no exercise” doctors orders…it made me feel yucky. I left with crampy muscles, sweaty body, and a little dizzy. Then I came home to answer a cascade of HS reunion emails. I’d voluntarily agreed to help out with the reunion this year, but it’s becoming a burden to coordinate. I have a few people willing to help, but I’m having a hard time delegating because it requires a lot of thinking to give direction. I’ve been linking up other MHS graduates on the reunion blog, and as I’ve read through those blogs…I’ve indirectly found negative feedback on the plans that have been decided. I figure in the last 3 months, I’ve put in 25 solid hours of emailing, researching, updating the blog, etc. I’m feeling a little taken advantage of…but it’s self-inflicted because I agreed to help. *sigh*

Taylor decided to take on a tougher schedule this month, because the high-speed schedule only allows you minimum monthly pay. Finances have been dreadfully tight, so it’s a good financial decision. But I’ve been savoring those hour-and-a-half evening together times (between when I get home from work and he leaves for the airport). It’ll take some getting used to.

But in happier news, Michigan is abloom in tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and other spring flowers. The leaves on the trees are sprouting and the “popcorn trees” are full of white and pink blossoms.

New MHS ’98 Reunion Blog

For those looking for info on the MHS Class of 1998 10 Year Reunion, I started the official blog for information. The site is

Please comment and give your feedback and suggestions for a reunion to remember!

Class of 1998 Reunion Group

I just started a Class of 1998 Murray High School Reunion group on Facebook. Whether you are on Facebook or not, this is the place to get info and details on the reunion whose planning is in it’s infancy. If you want to give you opinion on what you want to do…hop onto the site and leave a comment. Can you believe it’s been 10 years?

Senior Year in High School

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it has been, the more fun the answers will be … maybe. 😉

1. Who was your best friend? – Emily Bytheway and Antoinette Bailey

2.What sports did you play? -I was part of the Academic Decathalon

3. What kind of car did you drive? – Algernon, the white 1993 dodge shadow

4. It’s Friday nite…where are you? – On a date if I was lucky

5. Were you a party animal? – I love to go to parties, but rarely got invited

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? – Choir

8. Were you a nerd? – Some would say so

9. Did you get suspended/expelled? – No, but I had a few close calls with getting a “U” for sluffing during long (Calculus )Bell Choir lunches

10. Can you sing the fight song? – Yep

11. Who were your favorite teachers?? – Mr Scott, Mme. Larsen

12. Where did you sit during lunch? – With the Jello-suckaholics Anonymous

13.What was your school’s full name? – Murray High School

14. School mascot? – Spartans!

15. Did you go to Prom? – Yes, I went to Senior Ball with David Pattison. I also went with a junior to junior prom

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? – Yeah…I think I would

17. What do you remember most about graduation? – Singing with A’Cappella

18. Where did you go senior skip day? – Applebees

20. Were you in any clubs? – Drama, French, National Honors Society, Key Club, Bell Choir, MCYG

21. Where did you go most often for lunch.. – Wendys

22. Have you gained some weight since then? – yes

25. Who was your Senior prom date? – David Pattison. I finally said yes to go on a date with him. All through sophomore and junior years, he’d ask me to dances if all other options (aka gorgeous cheerleaders) said no. I finally caved because I wanted to go and didn’t know of anyone else that was thinking of asking me. He wore sunglasses all night. What I remember most was him dancing Men in Black with all the other cheerleaders.

26. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? – Absolutely

27. Who was your home room teacher? – Ms. Paulsen

28. Who are you better friends with now than in HS? – Nicole McGill

29. Who was your high school sweetheart? – This is a hard one. I know who I had the biggest unreciprocated crushes on Joe Plott and Jeff Hansen. I usually dated guys from other schools. My longest HS relationships were with John and Alan.

30. Do you still talk to people from high school? – Quite a few…Emily, Antoinette, Nicole, Travis, Nathan, Celeste, Jen, etc. etc.

31. Did you win prom queen or king? – Nope. C’est la vie. (yes, Travis. Just for you….a phrase we must have heard on Telefrancais!)