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Wordless Wednesday: Multnomah Falls



Wordless Wednesday – Warhol Style


Wordless Wednesday: Fringe

Some call ’em “bangs,” some call ’em “fringe.” But Rosie and I both have them now.


Wordless Wednesday: Blue Canary Nightlight

“Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch Who watches over you Make a little birdhouse in your soul” – Birdhouse in your Soul – They Might Be Giants


Wordless Wednesday: Growing Up Too Fast

Not too long ago, she was just a little girl. Now Rosie is a young lady.


Wordless Wednesday: Overnight Monitoring

Maybe this time, I’ll get the answer I need to help my sleep improve…


Wordless Wednesday: Just Beachy

Sunset over Manhattan Beach, California 3/9/11

Fun Travel

Wordless Wednesday: Protected

What do you do when your immune system is compromised, your husband is out of town, your daughter comes down with strep throat, and your doctor has told you to avoid being around sick people? You put on your respiratory mask, get in the car, and drive your kid to your parents house.


Wordless Wednesday: Tortilla Face

Rosie has a tortilla face! With funny random things like this, there’s no doubt why I keep her around (other than the fact that she’s my daughter)


Wordless Wednesday: Antisocial Blogging Friends

If I didn’t know exactly how it feels to be wrapped up in a text conversation and sipping an icy Diet Coke, I might be sad that my blogging eBFF April Durham stopped paying attention long enough for me to snap this blackmail picture.