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The Reality of Injury

I talked to my dad yesterday…and today was the first time he seemed very downtrodden since the accident. He’s been more cognizant of his pain and injuries, and has been having some insomnia. He was thankful that Taylor brought him a large stash of music and movies to keep him occupied and sane. He talked […]

Special Fast tomorrow and post-op update

David got out surgery on Thursday night around 9:30. The surgery went as well as can be expected. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the dosing of pain medication correct for almost two hours post-op. He was in miserable pain, the worst he’d felt since the actual accident. He is more awake and less groggy than when […]

Silly Picture of My Dad

Since I got back into Detroit, there haven’t been a lot of updates to post. I’ve notices a bunch of hits on my blog sitemeter that have only lasted a few seconds…Sorry to disappoint if I don’t post something on him everyday. It’s a good sign if there’s nothing to report…no news is good news! […]

You need to adjust the flux capacitor…

My visits with David on Saturday were fairly short. I arrived in the morning when he was getting physical therapy. I helped the therapists sit him up and move him to the side of the bed. He’s getting much stronger moving himself up with the trapeze bar. He sat up for about 15 minutes while […]

Outta the ICU!

Today David’s main issue has been his ICU psychosis/hallucinations. He has complained of ants crawling on his face and on the ceiling, sea creatures on the window, water dripping from the wall and tv, a cat in the corner of the room, and a baby’s head suspended out the window. He has upgraded to sucking […]

Without a trach…

This morning I went to visit David for a few hours. He was in good spirits, but still complaining about being stuck in the hospital and wanting to sneak out. The trauma team was there on their rounds, removed his trach and bandaged the stoma. He’s able to talk a little more easily, but it’s […]

Getting Better All The Time

I could not believe the progress my dad has made since the last time I saw him. His body isn’t swollen and bloated, there are less tubes coming out of him, he is able to force-talk through the trach, and he’s done with the ventilator. Unfortunately, this morning he pulled out the NG feeding tube […]

According to Grandma Joyce’s email…

“David is stable, he still has some temperature but that is normal. He will go back to surgery in a couple of day & the surgeons will amputate a little above the knee to make sure they got all of the necrosis. He is still on a ventilator, but seems to breathing a little easier. […]

Life or Limb?

Last night my dad was taken in for surgery, after signing a consent for possible amputation. When the surgeons went in, there was so much decay/necrosis and infection that they had absolutely no choice but to amputate. From what I understand, the amputation was right at the knee. In a few days they will have […]

Transferring to David’s own blog

I felt that it was more appropriate to have a separate blog to document David’s recovery and progress. I will continue to put the stories on this site, but the entries solely about David can be found at davidewatson.blogspot.com . Over the next few days, I will transfer the posts I have created so far […]