2010 Year in Review

Sometimes I joke that I’ve been to Hell and back this year. Technically, I went to Hell in 2008. This year just FELT like hell. Despite all the blessing and opportunities I experienced in 2y010, ringing in the new year last night meant cursing “good riddance to 2010.” Here are the highlights…the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Spent the month doing 3x week physical therapy appointments to rehabilitate my back injury. Dealt with our awful moving company until they finally delivered our truck full of items after holding it hostage for a month. Gained a surge of blog followers by writing about Jake the Pilot on The Bachelor. Took an impromptu trip to Panama City, Florida and stayed two nights in the free crew hotel with Taylor. Bought a second car to avoid early morning airport dropoffs. Suffered through 4 abscessed teeth requiring root canals. Had my hip dislocated by my physical therapist, thereby rendering me partially immobile for the next five months.


Celebrated my 30th birthday surrounded by friends and family. Came down with a nasty case of bronchitis the next day, spending the evening in the ER. Spent the next two weeks recovering on various drugs. Went to my first SLC Tweetup. Our house got burglarized by neighborhood boys, but left enough evidence for us to figure out who did it. Continued physical therapy with a reputable clinic, and realized the extent of the injury caused by the bad therapist. Had two MRI’s, which found Tarlov Cysts on my lumbar spine. Started immersing myself in the Salt Lake City social media scene.


Fell asleep with my laptop on my bed and got a third degree burn on my hand. Waited in line 7 hours to audition for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Rosie auditioned for her first play. Gave up on 3x weekly physical therapy visits and referred to a neurosurgeon for ongoing back/hip/nerve damage issues. The neurosurgeon said the damage was more musculoskelatal than neurological, and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Because I wasn’t able to get in with the orthopod until May, I started seeing a chiropractor. Renewed my motivation on my studies for my medical coding certification. Roadtripped to Vegas with Heather to see the John Mayer concert at Mandalay Bay, and scored free front-row VIP concert tickets to see Donny and Marie. Began blogging more openly about my struggles with depression.


Spent Easter weekend in Dallas with my friends Janet and Jonathan. Attended the Muse concert. Wrote the most difficult blog post of my life about my self image. Taylor FINALLY graduated with his bachelor degree from Utah Valley University. Enjoyed a week in southern California with family and witnessed the baptism of my three siblings in law.


Attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix. My aunt Linda married Bill, a wonderful man she met online. Consulted with the orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed a severe labral tear in my hip girdle, and suggested that I start cortisone injections in my hip. Within a week, I was able to walk for more than 10 minutes without severe pain. Attended Casual Blogger Conference. Started Weight Watchers.


Studied to the point of mental exhaustion. Worked a part time internship with a small internet company. Enjoyed the Imogen Heap concert. Took a quick roadtrip down to California. Attended the Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference. Marveled that I had been living in Utah again for a year.


Buckled down on studies, turned into a social hermit, and made unbelievable progress on my medical coding course. Struggled with loneliness at my husband’s frequent absence from me. Roadtripped with close friends to Las Vegas to see the Keane concert at House of Blues. Rosie performed in Spanish Fork’s production of The Music Man.


Volunteered and attended BlogHer in New York City. Struggled with the most severe depressive episode I’ve ever experienced. Spent a weekend in Park City with my parents and siblings. Recommitted myself to taking care of my mental and physical health. Rosie started 4th grade.


Rosie celebrated her 10th birthday. Our family took a vacation to Ketchikan, Alaska to visit Taylor’s sister Andrea and her husband Dustin. Wrote more about the blackness of my depression.


Studied like a maniac. Celebrated my 6 year anniversary with Taylor. Had the worst non-revving experience imaginable trying to fly standby to/from California over UEA weekend. Our second car died, putting me back on 4am airport driving duty. Wrote a blog post about my weight loss struggles and society’s perceptions of obesity. Dressed up as an annoying mommy blogger for Halloween.


Interviewed for a great job that I heard about on Twitter. Attended Bloggy Boot Camp in St. George. My first nephew was born on 11/11. Supported MoVember. Wrote a silly blog post on iPhone Autocorrect that gave me a #1 search result in Google. Started working out 4x per week.


Struggled with chronic insomnia and hypersomnia. Got my craft on and made lots of homemade gifts for Christmas. Spent a week in California with friends and family. Received offer for my job AT my family’s Christmas party. Began working full-time on December 20th. Battled the worst snow in recent memory. Won 3rd place at my office‘s Ugly Sweater Contest. Enjoyed the last day of 2010 ringing in the new year with Taylor.

Here's to a Happier 2011!
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